Review: Apple Watch SE – Best Apple watch till today

Apple Watch SE is one of the best smart watches in general, but also probably the best choice for those planning to buy Apple Watch.

If we plan to buy a watch Apple Watch officially, we have a choice of three series: the latest 6, old 3 and tested by us SE. This is the series SE seems to be the most sensible choice of the price-performance ratio. Series 3 it is already a monument, so I do not recommend buying this archival series. Series 6 is much more expensive than SE: the cheapest six costs PLN 1899and the cheapest SE there’s only PLN 1299. What in SE will we run out? These are the three main shortcomings: v SE our screen cannot be constantly illuminated, our watch will not test our blood oxygenation and will not have ECG function. When it comes to design and other functions, everything is identical. Let’s also remember the model SE we cannot order with a stainless steel case, but we can order it with the z LTE. This is the watch we received for testing from the Orange network. Only in this network can we use the eSIM function.

Apple Watch SE

How do we rate design? – grade 6

Design of the series SE nothing different from series 5 and 6. The only difference is that we only have an aluminum version (there is no steel case to choose from). Additionally, a sports version is available Nike. We do tests from the network Orange We got the 44mm Space Gray Alu version with the Black Sport Band strap. Girls and children can order a 40 mm watch, but it will cost a smaller display. The glass protecting the screen is the same as w version 6 that is, it is glass Ion-X. Only the steel version has sapphire glass. Color of the housing SE it can be gray, silver or gold (i.e. there is no RED version of series 6). The rear part of the housing (as in version 6) is ceramic in combination with sapphire glass. Watches Apple Watch they are very scratch and impact resistant. The advantage is also the stripes, which even after a year do not smell of our sweat at all. The Digital Crown knob also works great with a gentle “force feedback”.

Apple Watch SE

What do we think about the display? – 5

To the display in iPhone SE one can only blame the fact that there is no permanent screen backlight mode. Lack of AOD is a procedure that slightly differentiates the series artificially SE from 6. Retina SE it has great quality, blacks, viewing angles and is very well protected by the Ion-X glass against accidental scratches. The 44 mm envelope has a screen resolution of 368 by 448 pixels, and the 40 mm envelope 324 by 394 pixels. These are the same resolutions as in series 6. The screen in the 6 series is not brighter or at least I cannot see it. Nominal brightness of the Retina OLED LTPO display is 1000 nits.

Apple Watch SE

Specification and Software – Assessment 6

Perfectly optimized software is one of the watch’s greatest strengths Apple Watch from the very beginning of their market career. The interface itself may not be perfect (especially the “cloud” of installed applications), but the difficulties in building a perfect solution for navigating the watch are mainly due to the small size of the screen. However, the interface itself is fluid and the smartwatch Apple there is no “silting up”. New version of the system Watch OS 7 it does not introduce any radical changes. Of the important news, there is an option to use the watch in the family group without a smartphone. It is a good solution for children. The new software also includes sleep monitoring, a new training – dancing, and the watch itself can check if we wash our hands long enough. We can now send shields that we configure for ourselves to friends. The service will be a very interesting novelty Fitness +, in which our watch will become an important element of interactive training on Apple TV.

Apple Watch SE

IN Apple Watch SE we find an S5 processor (64 ‑ bit dual core). The W3 system is responsible for connectivity. IN series 6 there is a new S6 chip which according to the evaluation Apple it is 20% faster, and according to my subjective opinion, there is no difference between them. IN SE but there is no arrangement Ultra Wideband U1 (it is in six), which in the future may be used in new services based on the proximity of gadgets Apple.

As for purchasing the version from LTE it is worth considering longer, because mobile data transmission in the watch is really rare (rather only in emergency).

Apple Watch SE Apple Watch SE

How long does the battery last? – rating 4

Lithium ion battery w SE works for about 2 days without turning on workouts. It’s a few – several hours longer than mine Watch 6 with the permanent display backlight on. Both watches are connected to WiFi and the network 4G Orange through eSIM. 2 days without charging is in my opinion a very good result, although of course sports bands and watches from other manufacturers can work without charging for up to 2 weeks. However, it should be remembered that these devices cannot be directly compared with real smartwatches, which exchange data with the world, with other applications, and have many more different functions, services and external programs installed.

Watch Apple loads very quickly. We charge it as usual, on a dedicated wireless charger (a kind of small magnetic tablet). We don’t get a power supply from the manufacturer in the box with the watch.

Apple Watch SE


Apple Watch SE is one of the best smart watches in general, but also probably the best choice for those planning to buy Apple Watch. We don’t spend too much on it (compared to the series 6), and in return we get most of the most important functions of watches Apple Watch. Watch SE this Apple Pay, great design, great screen, training analysis, computer unlocking, water resistance, access to eSIM, offline music and a multitude of external applications. It is a watch with almost no flaws. When I switched to it for a week with version 6 it was what I missed the most was the constant backlight. I certainly did not miss the ECG function and the blood oxygen meter. Apple Watch SE is a brilliant smartwatch and I can definitely recommend it to every user with a clear conscience.

Who is it for Apple Watch SE:

  • For iPhone users
  • For payers Apple Pay
  • For amateur sports enthusiasts

For whom it is not Apple Watch SE:

  • For the thrifty
  • For the fans Android


Advantages Apple Watch SE:

  • Perfect design
  • Good battery
  • Incredible smooth operation
  • Mac Unlock feature
  • A huge number of workouts to choose from
  • Great dials to choose from
  • Real efficiency in motivating you to be more active
  • Offline Music (Apple Music only)
  • eSIM
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • A large number of external applications
  • Great quality of the Retina OLED screen
  • Water resistant up to 50 m
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Fall detection function
  • Version Nike
  • Apple Pay
  • Reasonably good battery
  • Cooperation with the service soon Apple Fitness +
  • Large internal memory of 32 GB
  • Sleep analysis
  • Possible activities in the Family Group without a smartphone (option for children)

Disadvantages Apple Watch SE:

  • No AOD (permanent screen backlight)
  • Lack Spotify offline (is only Apple Music)
  • No card roaming eSIM
  • No function EKG
  • No blood oxygenation test
  • High price
  • No power adapter in the box (there is only a tablet – charger with cable)
  • No support 5G