Review: Apple Watch 7 –

Review: Apple Watch Series 7 features the largest, most advanced display yet, breakthrough health innovations, and is the most durable Apple Watch ever.

This year, a new watch, Apple and¬†iPhone 13, was heavily criticized for being so little different from last year’s edition. Especially since the internet previously gossiped that the design would be completely different. I must admit that the changes are cosmetic, and users of devices bought in the last two years should not replace their watches and phones with new models. They shouldn’t, but some of them will. A group of the biggest fans buy new models every year. It would be difficult to tell them apart if not for the color change. Underlined by Apple, the bigger screen is only symbolically bigger, and the two watches look almost identical. The side of the watch has been designed differently – two speaker holes have been replaced by one slot. The charger also looks a bit different. New Watch It loads a bit faster, has a QWERTY keyboard (when we choose the English language), plus 2 new virtual shields were created especially for the seven.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Apple Watch 7

Advantages of the watch Apple Watch 7:

  • Very polished design
  • A minimally larger screen
  • Blood oxygenation measurement
  • EKG
  • SOS functions
  • eSIM
  • Two versions of the case material: aluminum (5 colors), and steel (3 colors) – There is no titanium version in Poland yet
  • The two versions differ in the size of the case and the display
  • Apple Pay
  • Very fast processor and WatchOS 8 operating system
  • Lots of independent applications
  • Dust Resistance IP6X (New)
  • Water resistance – up to 50 m
  • Increased resistance of the glass protecting the screen
  • Very fast charging
  • New Contour and Modular Duo dials
  • Miniature QWERTY keyboard
  • Always on Display
  • Support for Family Setup (the child has a watch but no iPhone)
  • Support for BLIK in the latest Millennium application
  • Spotify offline
  • HomeKit device support
  • Collaboration with Siri

Disadvantages of the watch Apple Watch 7:

  • No major changes compared to Watch 6
  • High price
  • The watch eSIM in the Orange network does not work in roaming
  • No QWERTY keyboard for the Polish language
  • No 5G support
  • No cooperation with Apple Fitness + in Poland
  • No Siri in the Polish version
  • No power adapter in the box
  • Battery operation from 1 to 1.5 days

How do we rate design?

The design of Series 7 watches remains largely unchanged, with two versions available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. This is only a one-millimeter increase from the previous Series 6 model. The screen now flows around the sides more smoothly, with only one slit on the left instead of two smaller ones. These minor changes have allowed for the watches to be certified dust-resistant at IPX6. The screen is also more scratch-resistant to protect against wear and tear. Even after a year of use, the previous version still looks new, so it will be challenging to improve resistance further. The watch can still be submerged up to 50 meters. The most popular aluminum version comes in five different colors. There are almost unlimited strap options available, including cheaper Chinese straps. The Watch 7, like its predecessor, is subjectively the prettiest smartwatch on the market. It does not try to mimic expensive Swiss timepieces but instead focuses on quality workmanship and durability. A brilliant level. It’s a bit sad that Chinese manufacturers are so directly and often inspired by the design of the Apple Watch.


The new Apple Watch Series 7 boasts a slightly larger display that seamlessly extends to the sides of the watch. Its technical name is “Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display” and it can reach a brightness of 1000 nits. Customers can choose between two versions: 396 by 484 pixels and 352 by 430 pixels. I suggest opting for the larger watch size, even for women, as it offers a more comfortable experience, despite being slightly less elegant. The Watch 7’s screen quality is exceptional, and it’s hard to find any flaws. The touch response is perfect, colors are vibrant (especially black), and it remains bright and legible even outdoors. The Ion-X glass has been improved to offer better screen protection.


It’s highly probable that the New Watch 7 operates on the same processor as the 6, but with a different name, the S7 SiP 64-bit dual-core. The watch’s motherboard includes W3 for wireless connectivity and U1 for Ultra Wideband. Despite this update, the watch still offers a generous amount of memory with 32 GB.

When training outdoors, the watch utilizes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou location features. Additionally, the IN Watch 7 includes a range of sensors such as a compass, altimeter, blood oxygen sensor, heart rate sensor, third-generation optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer with fall detection, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor. Despite being equipped with numerous sensors and default apps, the watch operates quickly and smoothly, with no noticeable difference from its predecessor, Watch 6.

The watch has eSIM support in its more expensive versions. However, it’s important to note that it won’t work when roaming, at least not with Orange.

Operating system

The new WatchOS 8 is only slightly different from the previous version, with the addition of two new dials – Contour and Modular Duo. These dials take advantage of the new display’s larger size and curved edges. The update also includes a QWERTY keyboard, but it is not available when selecting the Polish language. The option to display apps as a cloud of icons or a list remains, with the latter being more convenient. For those considering purchasing an Apple Watch, here are twelve useful features of the Watch 7 that stand out.

  • Training tracker – run, swim, exercise bike etc.
  • Show time J
  • Support for notifications from almost any application
  • Support for banking applications – Millennium
  • Unlocking the phone and computer
  • Music streaming player and remote control
  • Lockpicking doors – tedee
  • View the status of our car – MySKODA
  • Motivating us to move – Activity
  • Checking blood oxygenation
  • EKG
  • Pulse measurement
  • Noise measurement
  • Support for the most convenient mobile payments Apple Pay
  • Voice calls in hands-free mode
  • Spotify and Apple Music online
  • Simple navigation

All these mentioned functions work quickly, reliably and are indeed a useful addition to our smartphone. It is also important that the watch is “open” and can send and synchronize data with other popular platforms, which differs from most Chinese manufacturers’ products.


When it comes to charging, the changes are only cosmetic. The Watch 6 charged very quickly and lasted 1-1.5 days without a socket, although this was without training monitoring but with AOD and a cellular network. The manufacturer claims that it officially lasts for 18 hours. The Watch 7 supposedly supports faster charging, up to 33% faster, but only with a 20W adapter that is not included and must be purchased separately for about PLN 100 – which has environmental costs. The magnetic charger for the Watch 7 looks almost identical to the one for the Watch 6.


The Apple Watch 7 is currently the best smartphone available in the market. However, if we are into serious running or triathlon training, one of the Garmin models would be a better choice. Similarly, for Android phone users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the ideal choice. Nevertheless, if we have an iPhone, we need not look beyond the Watch 7. The SE version is a cheaper alternative that offers most of the benefits of WatchOS 8, Apple Pay, and other solutions that are part of the Apple ecosystem. The Watch 7’s cheapest version cost is similar to the price of a robust Android smartphone. Therefore, it may not be suitable for those who are too cost-conscious. The Watch 7 is perfect for reading notifications, unlocking the phone and computer, opening doors, making hands-free calls, and even motivating us to move more by completing daily activity goals. For me, the combination of an iPhone and an Apple Watch is indispensable, but for many people, it may just be another gadget and a passing trend.

We love: almost everything

We dislike: few changes compared to Watch 6

Who is the watch for Apple Watch 7:

  • For iPhone users who have not used the watch at all
  • For Series 3 users
  • For people who want access to the most convenient mobile payments
  • For people who want to take better care of their condition

Who is not a watch for Apple Watch 7:

  • For the thrifty
  • For Android fans
  • For Garmin watch fans