Review: Apple transparent case for iPhone 11 (Pro Max)

Apple transparent case for iPhone 11 - iPhone is well protected against bumps and scratches with this transparent cases. Highly recommended.

Some people will call it a Clear Case, others a transparent case or as Apple calls it: ‘Clear case’ for the iPhone 11 series. For 45 euros you protect your device and you can still see the original color. But not everyone is enthusiastic.

Apple clear case for iPhone 11

With the iPhone XR , Apple released a transparent case for the first time, so that you could continue to see the colorful housing. Apparently that went well, because with the iPhone 11 series, Apple is releasing a similar case for all models, up to and including the iPhone 11 Pro Max . They all cost the same: 45 euros . Then you expect quite a bit… does Apple make it happen? When we asked on Instagram a few days ago which cover was preferred by the iCulture users, almost 70% preferred this transparent cover to a Mujjo leather cover. That says something: people think it looks beautiful. But whether you like the case during use is a completely different story.

Apple’s clear case for iPhone 11 in short

These are the main features of the clear case from Apple:

  • Available for all iPhone 11 models
  • Only available in clear transparent
  • Made from a mix of clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials
  • Scratch-resistant coating on the inside and outside, Apple promises
  • Suitable for wireless charging via Qi
  • Doesn’t turn yellow, Apple promises
  • Recommended price of 45 euros
Apple transparent case for iPhone 11

Apple’s clear case is pretty stiff

The transparent cover from Apple looks simple and at first glance is indistinguishable from the cheaper options. Still, Apple asks 45 euros for it, so our expectations were high when we unpacked the case. Apple promises that the cover is less likely to turn yellow and is more robust, making it last longer. We believe the latter. The case is so stiff that you could almost speak of a hard case. Apple has opted for a firmer and thicker material for the back, while the sides are a bit more flexible. Yet you are quite jerking and pulling if you want to take the case off again. Due to the thicker material, the iPhone also becomes a bit bigger and thicker, so there is little difference with a leather cover.

Does not yellow, but does have other effects
As for the yellowing, you often have problems with cheap cases, especially if they are regularly heated on a wireless charger. Apple’s iPhone XR case was less affected by this, we heard from people who have been using the transparent case for a year now. Apple claims that it took a lot of hours of research and testing to make a case that does not suffer from that. This case stays as clear as crystal.

Three complaints about appearance
Still, we have three complaints about the look of this case. First, the transparent case makes the color of your iPhone a little less striking. If you hold a naked iPhone 11 Pro in midnight green next to the same device in the transparent case, you will no longer see the new matte appearance. The color has also become somewhat dull due to the rather thick layer of plastic.

In addition, the shiny appearance attracts quite a few finger stains. As a result, the cover looks a bit grubby after a day.

Apple transparent case for iPhone 11

Another appearance complaint is the oil stain effect that occurs when light shines on the cover at a certain angle. It is not very disturbing, but it does not make the appearance much nicer.

It is nice that the cut-out at the bottom is nice and large, so that you do not suffer from swipes and also have good access to the Lightning port.

Apple transparent case for iPhone 11

Durability of this clear case

Which is more sustainable: buy one $ 45 case that the manufacturer claims will never break, or get twenty $ 1 cases from Ali and throw it away every few weeks? I would prefer to choose the former option, but then you have to be able to trust that it is really good. And at that point things are a bit lacking. We received responses from iCulture readers who have used the similar transparent case for the iPhone XR and it appears to crack when you take the iPhone out frequently. Here you see a picture . Of course we do not know whether this problem also occurs with the newer cover for the iPhone 11 series, but keep in mind that you should not remove the case too often.

iPhone 11 clear case in use

After two weeks of use, iPhone 11 transparent case still looks the same as it did at the beginning, although there are some small scratches on it. They are so miniscule that you do not immediately suffer from them. The case is therefore not completely scratch-resistant, even though Apple claims it is. The plus point is of course that those scratches do not end up on the device itself and that after a year of use you have a device that still looks like new.

That is, if the case does its job well. What I noticed with this cover, and also with other transparent covers, is that dirt can get around the edges. That doesn’t look very nice, and it can also scratch the stainless steel edges of the 11 Pro (or the aluminum edges, if you have an iPhone 11 ).

But that doesn’t stop my complaints. I also found the buttons to be quite stiff, which made it difficult to take a screenshot or take pictures with the volume rocker.

One complaint that I heard a lot from iCulture readers and that got annoyed myself after a while is that the cover is so smooth. One of the reasons I have a case is because it offers better protection against slipping out of my hand. If I want to put my iPhone away quickly, my leather case always made sure that the iPhone does not slide off slanted surfaces. This transparent case has much less grip. The iPhone slides off the car seat when you turn and when the train suddenly has to brake, the iPhone is thrown off the train table. OK, I’m exaggerating a bit now, but the fact remains that this case is very smooth.

Alternatives to the iPhone 11 transparent case

If you are looking for a case from Apple itself, you have four options this year:

  • Transparent case: 45 euros
  • Silicone case: 45 euros
  • Leather case: 55 euros
  • Folio sleeve: 149 euros

The latter two models are only available for the iPhone 11 Pro (Max). If you are looking for a neutral case and you do not want this transparent case from Apple, it is best to choose the black or white version. The silicone cover does suffer from wear after a year, whereby the coating on the corners becomes ugly. The leather cases are less bothered by this, but can look a bit dingy over time.

Other brands are often cheaper, although the choice of materials can be slightly less. Brands such as Otterbox and Tech21 are a bit more expensive, but often offer good fall protection.


  • You keep seeing the color of your device
  • iPhone is well protected against bumps and scratches
  • Fades less than cheap covers
  • Sturdy version but therefore also a bit stiff
  • Large cut-out at the bottom, so you can swipe well


  • Very pricey
  • Sensitive to finger marks
  • Case is pretty stiff
  • Matte finish of iPhone 11 Pro not visible, color flattens out
  • Case is very smooth and slips quickly
  • Oil slick effect in sunlight