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Review: Alcatel TKEE MID tablet – First tablet for your child

Review: Alcatel TKEE MID tablet offers good value for money and is easy for children to use. 2 cameras and mic, make it suitable for homeschooling

Review: Alcatel TKEE MID tablet – With the TKEE MID from Alcatel, children should learn to use digital media in a playful way. We took a closer look at the tablet.

Children’s tablets are currently more popular than ever. They are not only suitable for playing and exploring the digital world, but are often also suitable for homeschooling – extremely practical in times of school closings and the like. In addition, they cost significantly less than their counterparts for adults. The new Alcatel TKEE Mid based on Android, which promises easy operation and various security functions, is a representative of the children’s tablet category. We tried whether it was correct and how the tablet performs in practice.

First steps

In the packaging there is a yellow silicone cover and a USB charging cable next to the device. The case can be easily pulled onto the device, thanks to the integrated stand it can be set up safely. Then it goes to the setup, which is done in a few minutes. As is usual with Android devices, a Google user account is required to use the tablet.

It is advisable to set up a child account so that parents can better control content afterwards. Thanks to the age-appropriate interface, parents can decide at any time how the child uses the device: for example, usage times and limits can be set, selected websites blocked or usage statistics called up. All of this can also be done wonderfully from your smartphone via the app.

Alcatel TKEE MID tablet – Optics & handling

The TKEE Mid looks good, the case looks robust and protects the device well from minor falls. At 290 grams it is pleasantly light and easy to transport. The screen size of 8 inches is not exactly lush, but sufficient. The display resolution is 800 x 1,280 pixels. We found the eye protection mode very good, which filters out blue light and is certified by TÜV Rheinland. In addition, a black and white reading mode can be activated, which is particularly useful for texts.

The surface of the tablet itself is child-friendly and easy to use. The Kidomi app is preinstalled and provides access to games, books and videos especially for children. Unfortunately, the app can only be used in full for 1 month, after which there are follow-up costs – 4.99 euros per month (can be canceled monthly). The app offers a lot of content and, above all, free of advertising: everyone has to decide for themselves whether it makes sense to extend the subscription.

The TKEE MID scored “very good” in the practical test.

Homeschooling on the tablet

As already mentioned, the TKEE Mid can be used very well for homeschooling and video conferences. A 5 MP camera on the front and back as well as a microphone are installed for this. The quality is very good and the sound quite satisfactory. There is a 4,080 mAh battery on board, which is easily enough for a working day before it has to be recharged.

LTE integrated

A MediaTek quad-core processor (64-bit) is used as the CPU, and 2 GB of RAM are also available (expandable up to 256 GB). Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS are also integrated, as is an LTE module for holding SIM cards so that you can go online while on the move.

Alcatel TKEE MID tablet – Conclusion

The Alcatel TKEE MID tablet offers good value for money and is easy for children to use. Thanks to 2 integrated cameras on the front and back as well as a microphone, the tablet is also suitable for homeschooling. The supplied silicone cover, which can also be used as a stand, is particularly practical. We found it a bit unfortunate

Pros of Alcatel TKEE MID tablet

  • shockproof cover with integrated stand
  • light weight
  • Eye protection mode
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS integrated
  • Suitable for homeschooling (2x camera and microphone available)
  • Kids mode
  • Cellular support

Cons of Alcatel TKEE MID tablet

  • Kidomi app can only be used completely free of charge for 1 month, then follow-up costs