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Proscenic M8 Pro Smart hybrid vacuum robot with suction station

Proscenic M8 Pro is a Smart hybrid vacuum robot with suction station which is really effective in cleaning thanks to its voluminous suction station

There are many different elements in the field of smart home gadgets . In addition to the smart lighting, the automatic household helpers are becoming increasingly popular. The Proscenic M8 Pro vacuum and floor mopping robot belongs to this category. An app-controlled vacuum and floor mopping robot with its own vacuum station can make housework a lot easier.

The Proscenic M8 does not stand out visually from its competitors. The round design and the simple black color are more or less standard. The installed technology is decisive. The laser tower is placed in the middle of the device and scans the area precisely. The mapping is also very precise in the in-house app.

Proscenic M8 Pro – Voluminous suction station picks up a lot of dirt

The dust bag inside the tower-like suction station holds an impressive 4.3 liters . The vacuum / floor mopping robot can do its job for around 60 days without having to be emptied. This makes it much easier to use and saves further time, which is already saved by vacuuming and wiping in one corridor. The M8 Pro recognizes carpets and switches to turbo mode when driving on them – very smart and effective!

A variety of settings can be made in the app. This includes scheduling, saving maps, zone cleaning and stain removal . The highly efficient cleaning is of course independent of the floor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tiles, carpet or PVC. The integrated dust container has a volume of at least 500 milliliters . In combination with the suction station, the M8 is very easy to care for.

Good battery life & resume mode

The battery life of the M8 Plus is an impressive 270 minutes . If this is not sufficient for a very large living space, it goes into the charging station when the battery level is appropriate and then automatically continues cleaning. The suction power of 3,000 pa is in the good middle field for vacuum robots. The intervals at which the robot should be graded can also be set in the app. Of course, you can also configure the amount of water you want for wet mopping.

The intelligent LiDAR SLAM algorithm ensures reliable scanning of the environment and driving extremely effective routes. The mapping is always done in real time. The practical no-go zones in the children’s play area or the sensitive vases can also be easily set up in the app. No magnetic strips or similar tools are required for this.