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Philips Hue: 4 products presented, including wall switch module

Philips Hue: 4 products launched newly that include Amarant Spotlight, Appear Wall lamp, Wall switch and Dimmer switch, new version

Philips Hue: 4 products: With the new Philips Hue Amarant spotlight you can evenly illuminate your outdoor environment with atmospheric light. The lamp must provide a wallwash effect, which is enhanced by the metal shade of the lamp. The Amarant can be mounted on the floor or upside down on an overhanging roof. As part of the collection of low-voltage luminaires, the Amarant is easy to install and can be expanded with more luminaires. The Philips Hue Appear, a popular wall lamp in the portfolio, now gets a stainless steel finish. The stainless steel fixture provides an up and down floating light effect in (warm) white and millions of light colors.

The new Philips Hue wall switch module is installed behind your existing light switches. This makes them smart switches. It is not the case that you make dumb lamps smart with this, as you can with, for example Fibaro, because the lamps you use must also be from Hue. In any case, you no longer have to get up when someone has been using the light switch, since you can always control your lights with the app or voice control. The Philips Hue wall switch module works on batteries with a minimum operating time of five years.

Then there is the renewed dimmer switch. With the renewed dimmer switch you can set your Hue lighting as you want. In addition, the design has been adjusted so that the dimmer switch now also fits nicely over your existing switch opening. And it works wirelessly. You can attach the dimmer wherever you want or use the magnetic back. Prefer to be in the hand? Then the dimmer switch also works as a remote control.

Prices and availability of Philips Hue: 4 products

  • Amarant Spotlight (from January 26) – 149.99 euros
  • Appear Wall lamp with stainless steel finish (from January 26) – 149.99 euros
  • Wall switch module (from 9 March) – 39.99 (1-pack) / 69.99 (2-pack) euros
  • Dimmer switch, new version (from January 26) – 19.99 euros