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Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light – Wake up gently

Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light. It replaces at least the alarm clock and a lamp , and in some cases maybe the radio.

An alarm clock tears its owner out of bed every day with an unpleasant sound. Smartphones are also often used, which then have to be placed close to the sleeping person. The days without an alarm clock are almost celebrated and you can sleep in or let the daylight gently wake you up. The latter scenario gave Philips the idea of ​​the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light. With this alarm clock, getting up is no longer a pain. In the following article you will get all the information from the practical test.

Those who can wake up with the rising sunlight usually feel more rested and can start the day with more energy. The time only plays a subordinate role. The Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light is designed to simulate exactly this situation and replace the annoying ringing of the alarm clock . The packaging alone gives a good impression of the function of the product. The printed facts also reveal a lot. In addition to the lamp itself, the scope of delivery also includes the power supply unit with proprietary charging plug, operating instructions and the usual warranty card.

Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light: A stylish lamp with a smart wake-up function

The Philips Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light itself has a round and ring-shaped light unit on the front. This has a semi-permeable plastic cover. The solid base, as well as the rest of the device, are mostly made of shiny white plastic . However, this is of high quality and therefore not to be assessed as disadvantageous. It also contributes to the relatively low weight, which makes it easy to choose a location and align it on the bedside table.

At the front there is a simple company logo and a sensor on the base. Otherwise the front is of course dominated by the lighting unit. In the rear area, two outgoing cables first catch the eye. The thinner one is the radio antenna and can therefore be aligned flexibly. The other cable is provided with a small sensor plate, which captures the ambient values. Here light, humidity, temperature and noise level are recorded. Recommendations are then derived from the measured values ​​which can ensure the optimal sleep situation.

Sensors for the perfect sleeping environment

There is also a USB-A connection on the back for charging the smartphone , an AUX connection as an input source for your own music and the proprietary connection for the power supply. Above is the speaker of the device, which is highlighted with a silver border. In general, the design is very tidy , of course the missing buttons play a big part in this. There are two touch-sensitive areas on the SmartSleep Wake-Up Light for operation. On the top, the lamp can be switched on and off with the touch of a hand or finger. After switching on, various settings can be made in the illuminated area on the underside.

The SleepMapper app is required for setup and subsequent configurations . After creating an account, the smartphone and lamp are paired. The other settings can now be made completely via the smartphone or directly on the device. We like the app very much. It is attractively designed and offers a good overview of the functions . In a few cases the connection between the mobile phone and the lamp was delayed by a few seconds, but the entire test ran without major problems.

In addition to the settings, the app also offers an overview of the measured values . So you have a good overview of the temperature, humidity and Co. in the bedroom. Other options with the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light include guided breathing exercises with the accompaniment of the light. Furthermore, you can choose sunsets and sunrises with different scenarios and time limits. The alarm function can be set individually for each day of the week.

Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light – Clear app & possible breathing exercises

The breathing exercises can also be further individualized. Here you can choose from an accompaniment of light and sound or just individual components. The number of breaths per minute can also vary. The modes for the light color are all very nicely designed. There are mostly yellowish to reddish tones, which appear very warm and soft. At sunset and sunrise, a sound can be selected in addition to the light color, brightness and duration . In addition to radio music, you can also play relaxing sounds such as light rain, rushing sea or relaxing music.

In addition to tips and recommendations, the app also provides a sleep overview for users of the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light. All data on the last nights including the measurements can be queried here. With the Philips Wake-Up Light you can easily create the optimal environment for sleeping. Due to the diverse setting options, using the smartphone together with the SleepMapper app was much easier for us than on the device itself. There are symbols on the touch panel that are also self-explanatory, but the clarity on the smartphone is simply unbeatable .

Diverse customizations for light and sound are possible

In the test, we were consistently convinced by all the functions . Of course, the loudspeaker does not provide hi-fi sound, but for quiet sounds to fall asleep or wake up to, this is perfectly fine and not objectionable. Due to the slowly increasing brightness, the relaxed waking up worked very well. The highest level of brightness of 25 illuminates a room with white walls enormously and then sleeping is no longer an option. In this sense, the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light has fulfilled its purpose completely satisfactorily. The process was slow and pleasant, so that you really felt more restedHas. The alarm function also worked great in terms of timing. You slowly woke up about five to ten minutes before the actual alarm clock.

If you are not quite as receptive to the light due to your sleeping position, the individually set tone ensures that you do not oversleep. This can be the soft sounds from the media library or radio music . For very stubborn sleepers, there is also the power mode , which triggers the full alarm at a certain time. A high-pitched sound combined with a flashing light ensures that you wake up immediately. While this is not the whole point of gentle awakening with this device, it is not wrong for certain situations.

No oversleeping thanks to the integrated power mode

To stop the wake-up process or to deactivate it if you get up earlier, simply swipe the touch-sensitive top and the alarm is switched off or, depending on the setting, the snooze function is activated. For the opposite case of falling asleep, the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light can also be an asset. With or without sound, you can let the artificial setting sun work on you and end the day in a relaxed manner. Visually, the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light is definitely an asset to the bedroom.

It replaces at least the alarm clock and a lamp , and in some cases maybe the radio. In terms of price, you have to invest around 180 euros to get the Philips Connected Sleep & Wake-up Light. The rear USB charging port is slow, but this is not the main task of the device. In conclusion, the product is completely successful and recommendable. Eight different light scenarios and eight different sounds can frame the day well. The operation via app and on the device work wonderfully and the customization options are very high . The touch fields respond perfectly and swiping on the top also works great.