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Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S, an electric toothbrush with a built-in brain

Review: The Oral-B Genius X (20000 / 20100S) is a great electric toothbrush that has been improved the brushing sensors are now built in.

The Oral-B Genius X (20000 and 20100S) is the newest electric toothbrush from Oral-B. This time with even smarter algorithms to make sure you brush better. We started brushing with this toothbrush and tell you what has improved compared to previous models.

This new toothbrush in the Genius line has been given an extra letter X, to indicate that even smarter techniques have been applied. Earlier we wrote about the Oral-B Genius 10000N and Oral-B Genius 9000 . The type numbers are increasing rapidly and the Oral-B Genius X is currently the top model. It concerns the type numbers 20000 and 20100S, both of which are available in Dutch shops for prices from around € 169. The white version is the cheapest and there are also luxury versions, where the storage box is provided with a graphic pattern. Technically, the Oral-B 20000 and 20100S are almost the same, only the extras that you get included differ. For example, you will receive type 1 brush heads and the other type 3 brush heads. So pay attention to that when you compare the models and prices.

Oral-B Genius X in short

These are the main features of the Oral-B Genius X toothbrush:

  • Advanced electric toothbrush with app
  • Built-in sensors measure your brushing activities
  • 6 modes: daily brushing, sensitive, tongue cleaning and more
  • LED SmartRing with 12 colors for several people
  • Travel pouch with built-in charger, can also be used as an iPhone charger
  • No more smartphone holder for the mirror included
  • Available in black, charcoal gray, white and rose gold
  • Available from about € 169
Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S

Why is the Oral-B Genius X smart?

This toothbrush is very similar to the Oral-B 10000N, which we reviewed earlier. At the time, there were two innovations: the black version and the collaboration with the Oral-B app. With the Genius X series, the emphasis is on using artificial intelligence (AI) for even better brushing. As before, the toothbrush connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. When you start brushing, the app shows a timer, so you know if you’ve already been busy for two minutes. You will also receive instructions on which parts of the teeth to brush. That happened before. The sensors in the toothbrush measure how much pressure you invite and which teeth and molars you have brushed insufficiently. This data is then sent to the app, which uses the Genius X AI algorithm to determine whether you should brush better.

Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S

But what is really new with this Genius X? It took a while to figure it out.

Oral-B has been making the Genius toothbrushes with accompanying app since 2016, which warn when brushing pressure is too high and register with a timer how long you have brushed. With those earlier models you got a smartphone holder for the mirror. The iPhone ‘s camera registered which parts of your teeth you brushed. This is no longer necessary with this new Genius X, because the sensors are already installed. You will no longer receive a smartphone holder and you do not have to hold the camera in front of your face while brushing. That is a lot nicer.

To be honest: with us, the large plastic container disappeared in the cupboard after a few weeks. It doesn’t look pretty and sometimes you are just tired and want to quickly brush your teeth and go to bed, without having to start an app first. With the Genius X you can. You will not receive real-time feedback, but your brushing sessions will be recorded.


We tested the Oral-B Genius X 20100S in black. It comes with one brush, a travel case and a charger. The appearance of this toothbrush is actually identical to that of the previously discussed Oral-B 10000N , but without the smartphone holder . In addition to the black color, you can also choose white and rose gold. You will receive the included accessories such as the travel pouch in the same color. In our case, that is black and there is also a problem: black brush heads are quite difficult to obtain. You are better off if you choose plain white, because such brushes are much more often on offer.

In use

You can use this toothbrush with or without an app. Every thirty seconds you will receive a signal to change the corner of your mouth and after two minutes you will receive a signal that you have finished brushing. Like the 10000 series, the 20000 series also has six built-in brushing modes, including a daily mode. You can switch between the positions via a button on the handle.

Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S

In the app you see a visual timer, with which you can see how long you have been working and which parts of your teeth you should brush better. With the 10000 series, this still worked via the camera of the iPhone, which was sometimes difficult. You had to stand right in front of the camera, which was inconvenient if you, for example, listen to a conversation or want to watch TV while brushing. As mentioned, the camera is no longer necessary with this new Genius X series and you can walk around more freely with your toothbrush in your mouth and the iPhone in your hand.

What is less convenient is that you can only pair the toothbrush with one iPhone. This was already the case before and it makes the use of such a toothbrush a bit more difficult. If you want everyone to be able to keep track of their own statistics, you will have to buy a different toothbrush for each roommate. With a price of more than 150 euros, that is something you do think about for a while.

Included accessories: case and charger
As with the previous model, Oral-B Genius X 20000 comes with a travel case with charger. You use this to charge the toothbrush while traveling, but you can also use it to charge your iPhone. The case has a standard USB input, with which you can charge your iPhone and other small accessories. This is handy, because you only need one socket. These are not always widely available in hotel rooms. It would be even better if Oral-B had also put a spare battery in the travel case, but maybe we now have a bit too high expectations.

Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S

It is also handy that there is a ridge in the lid of the travel case, so that you can put the iPhone on its side to watch a movie, for example. We have never seen anyone on an airplane use the travel case like this, but it is nice that it has been thought of. You can even put the iPhone in it horizontally and vertically.


  • Advanced electric toothbrush with many brushing modes
  • Built-in brush detection sensors
  • No need for a smartphone holder
  • Black color looks stylish
  • Travel pouch is also iPhone charger


  • Brushes in black difficult to obtain
  • Requires own toothbrush per person

Conclusion Oral-B Genius X 20000 / 20100S

The Oral-B Genius X (20000 / 20100S) is a great electric toothbrush that has been improved on one important point, namely the fact that the brushing sensors are now built in. So you no longer have to record your brushing actions with the iPhone camera, but the toothbrush itself detects whether you have brushed properly everywhere. That would be a reason for us to choose the Genius X.

Yet much has remained the same compared to the previous model, such as the brushing modes, the timer and the operation of the app. We have noticed that we do not always use the app and that at a certain point we also became a bit ‘advice tired’. However, it is a big step forward that you do not have to clamp the iPhone in the mirror holder every evening.

The included travel case comes in handy, especially if you often go on vacation and want to use it as an iPhone charger and holder at the same time. Honestly, we never see anyone on an airplane watching a movie like this, but on your nightstand in a hotel room it could come in handy. It also prevents you from leaving your expensive toothbrush in the bathroom.