Olight Obulb & Seeker 2 Pro: exceptional mobile lights

Review: Olight Obulb & Seeker 2 Pro- Two exceptional mobile lights. The feel is perfect and the workmanship leaves nothing to be desired.

The German company Olight has already proven several times that in the field of mobile lamps and luminaires there are not only the usual standard models. We recently put the extremely powerful Olight Marauder 2 under the microscope in the test – with excellent results! Now today it should be about two new models and a respective top range. The compact Olight Obulb is perfect for camping and Co., while the Olight Seeker 2 Pro is looking for challenges. In the following post you get all the information about the lamps.

The Olight Obulb comes to your home in a set of 3, each in three different colors. The colors are rather reserved in gray, red and dark green. The lamps are individually packed and have an extremely small box as transport protection. The scope of delivery also includes a user manual, a magnetic charging cable with USB-A connection and a magnetic 3M adhesive pad . The Obulb itself can be enclosed with one hand and is round except for the flattened base.

Olight Obulb: Round and robust lights for camping and co.

The lower colored part houses the technology of the small lamp and in the upper area the light unit is placed behind a milky-white plastic . The plastic used contributes to a light weight and is still very robust. There is a rubber coating on the underside for a secure stand . There are also three metallic points. The search for buttons and buttons is in vain with the Olight Obulb. The bottom inside the rubberized ring is the only switch here.https://open.spotify.com/embed-podcast/episode/5sas5TsHdxRj5VCI8Liw0D

The pressure point is very good and the button works perfectly. A single press is enough to switch it on and off. To get to the individual light modes, the button is held down longer after switching on. If the Obulb is switched off in a certain light mode, the lamp remembers this setting and returns to it after switching on. The first level is very subdued light in a warm white tone, which creates a cozy atmosphere. The next setting will be quite a bit brighter and the following modes will offer red light. The last light mode is intended for warning situations in which the Obulb flashes red to generate attentionshould. It would be conceivable to use it in the event of a flat tire on a car or in the outer pocket of a backpack when cycling in the twilight or darkness.

Different lighting modes of the compact Olight Obulb

The robust lamp defies falls from a height of up to one and a half meters and is also waterproof. So nothing stands in the way of a use at or even in the pool. We can confirm the battery life of around 55 hours stated by the manufacturer in our test. The short charging time of around two hours is also right in practice. Here you can always orientate yourself on the information about the product from our experience with the brand. The magnetic charging cable, which is also characteristic of Olight, is attached to the underside and holds very well in place. An integrated charge level indicator is also integrated in the cable.

The Obulb also adheres well to the supplied 3M adhesive plate , which can be used anywhere for the lamp. The magnetic underside offers the right counterpart and non-magnetic surfaces can still be equipped with the chic lamp. The same principle naturally also applies to magnetic areas. Attached to the outside of the camper van, a cozy atmosphere can be created for the outdoor dinner. Therefore we assign the Olight Obulb to the  camping gadgets  . The rubberized ring on the underside reliably protects the metallic counterpart from scratches.

Buy in the Flashsale

We are more than satisfied with the little all-rounders. The quality of the brand continues here and the skilful design of these small light elements also convinces us with this product. The Olight Obulb’s set of 3 is in the Flashsale and for around 60 euros.

Seeker 2 Pro: Rechargeable flashlight for outdoor use

The range of flashlights from Olight is growing steadily. There is now something for every application and lovers of outdoor gadgets are sure to find something here. The Seeker 2 Pro rounds off the range. The delivery takes place in a compact and sturdy cardboard box with various imprints. An instruction manual, the typical charging cable, a cleaning cloth, a holder with screws and adhesive pads as well as a robust storage bag are part of the accessories of the Seeker 2 Pro flashlight from Olight.

The bag is really robust and can be attached to a belt or backpack. The special highlight, however, is the supplied wall bracket . This basically consists of a kind of angle that can be attached to a wall with the adhesive pads or screws. So you always have the Seeker 2 Pro at hand in a fixed place . Another highlight is the charging option in combination with the L-Dock. The magnetic charging cable can be placed in the upper part. So the lamp is always charged and has a fixed place.

Ergonomic handle and simple design

The flashlight has a rubberized handle and ergonomic finger grooves and is therefore comfortable and secure in the hand. The material is robust and extremely high quality. The small protrusion on the side of the light unit prevents damage when the lamp is switched off. Only one button under the LED is used to control the Seeker 2 Pro. Two LED indicators with four dots each for the power and charge status display are located to the left and right.

The multifunctional button is not only used to switch on and off, but can also guide the lamp through its four different modes. The maximum output is a whopping 3,200 lumens with a light range of 250 meters. The settings are: Moonlight, Low, Mid, High, Strobe and Turbo. The first four levels are linked to a memory function. The light cone is nice and wide and can illuminate the surroundings very well. Of course, the brightest setting is the most impressive.

The battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh promises a runtime of up to 12 days. We can roughly confirm the manufacturer’s information from our test. The Seeker 2 Pro is a great lamp for outdoor enthusiasts and offers enormous luminosity. With our pictures you should get a good impression of the brightness and width. In terms of quality, this flashlight also joins the range of Olight products as usual. The feel is perfect and the workmanship leaves nothing to be desired.

Average and high brightness of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro flashlight in comparison