Olight I5T EOS brass : Good EDC flashlight with a runtime of 20 hours

Olight I5T EOS brass is a good EDC flashlight with a runtime of 20 hours. We are very satisfied with the I5T EOS. It keeps all promises and high impression

Often it should be something small and compact that you can always carry with you without any problems. Flashlights that are too big to always have to hand often fail to do their job. Therefore, this time we would like to introduce you to the Olight I5T EOS in the brass version. An EDC flashlight that impresses with 300 lumens and can shine for 60 meters.

As already mentioned in the introductory words, the Olight I5T EOS is an EDC flashlight. EDC stands for ” Every Day Carry ” and describes the possibility of easily stowing the lamp anywhere and anytime so that it is always with you. So you have them ready to hand in the worst case and can use them. We would definitely call the Olight I1R II EOS an EDC torch  – ultra-compact and yet bright enough for everyday use . Perfect for the keychain.

Olight I5T EOS in the brass version – chic, compact & functional

The I5T EOS is not as compact as the Olight I1R II EOS, but it also offers twice the number of lumens with a total of 300 lumens . This makes it significantly brighter than any smartphone light and should be taken seriously if you want to find your way in a dark forest or unlit streets . We took a closer look at the Olight torch in the brass version and would like to tell you about it. The design is characterized by a double helix border and looks chic.

It is delivered in a simple and small box that just contains the flashlight. This is shrink-wrapped and quickly removed. Before using the lamp, the rear piece must be unscrewed to remove the contact protection in the form of a small plastic plate. The current can now flow and the lamp can be switched on with the end cap switch . Operation is simple and allows temporary or continuous light , depending on how deep you push the switch. You can also switch between 15 and 300 lumens.

Two modes with quick change thanks to the end cap switch

While the 15 lumen mode is probably only intended for spontaneous rummaging in the backpack, you can get significantly further with 300 lumens. If you shine in a backpack, you would be uncomfortably blinded. The beam can travel up to 60 meters , which we can confirm in the test. Overall, we are very satisfied with the luminosity for the size. A 1.5V AA battery can be replaced at any time and allows an additional 20 hours of running time .

bidirectional pocket clip is the perfect addition to an EDC lamp with these dimensions. The clip enables not only the quick installation on the waistband or the trouser pocket, but also on a cap to carry the lamp comfortably on the head. This leaves your hands free for other work and not disturbed by a flashlight. We tested that and were able to wear the lamp comfortably on the side of the hat. In fact, it held there safely.

Conclusion – Olight I5T EOS brass

It should consist of 1.5 meters in a drop test . We can confirm this even after two test drops. The lamp continues to work perfectly and offers its IPX8 protection against water, dust and other dirt. IPX8 describes the underwater protection up to one meter. So the Olight I5T EOS doesn’t mind a small fall into the river bed.

We are very satisfied with the I5T EOS. It keeps all promises and makes a very high quality impression. Just screwing on the back of the battery cover looks robust and safe. All seals are tight and you don’t have to worry about breaking something. The fall test from a height of 1.5 meters makes the lamp always fall-proof, even when hiking at night. The I5T EOS is really well suited as an “ always with you ” torch. If you want more performance with compact dimensions, you will be happy with the Seeker 2 Pro , which we have also tested for you.