Number of FitBit Sense smartwatches recalled due to hardware issues

FitBit has recalled a limited number of FitBit Sense smartwatches because hardware problems that cause an ECG measurement.

FitBit Sense smartwatches: FitBit has recalled a limited number of FitBit Sense smartwatches. The smartwatch would have hardware problems that cause an ‘unclear result’ in an ECG measurement.

Hardware problems cause unclear results for ECG measurement

The hardware issues were noticed when a number of users shared problems via the FitBit forum about ECG measurement results. With an ECG measurement possible irregularities in a heart rhythm are mapped.

A simple software update would solve the problem with the ECG sensors in the smartwatch cannot fix it. On The Verge FitBit has confirmed that there are problems with these sensors and that a limited number of users have now been notified by e-mail.

The affected users can replace the smart watch with a new one free of charge.

FitBit Sense smartwatch

The FitBit Sense is a smartwatch from FitBit with many new functionalities under the hood. The ECG measurement is a new feature. This was previously reported on FitBit also supports Google Assistant with this model. For example, you could request sleep information from the Google voice assistant via the FitBit Sense.