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Newly announced Kasa Smart home products during CES 2021

This article will presents you an overview of Newly announced Kasa Smart home products range during CES 2021 that include large household

TP-Link announced new Kasa Smart home products during CES 2021. It concerns a total of six smart products: from smart switches to smart sensors. Let’s zoom in on all the Kasa smart products that we can expect in 2021.

Newly announced Kasa smart home products

First, let’s briefly consider Kasa, one of the smart home brands which also during CES 2021 – which will take place digitally this year – has made a name for itself. It is an offshoot of the TP-Link brand, which today also includes the TP-Link Deco Voice X20 launched a WiFi mesh router with Alexa under the hood.

With Kasa Smart, TP-Link seems to want to enter the smart home market – in addition to a WiFi mesh router – even more. With the Kasa Smart app, the various products can be operated and smart home scenarios can be realized. When we talk about smart home products with storage (think of camera images), they are stored via the cloud, the so-called Kasa Cara.

Let’s take a look at the new smart home products.

Kasa Spot Pan Tilt: a smart security camera for indoors

The first notable smart home product is the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt, one smart security camera for indoors. As the name suggests, the camera is equipped with a pan & tilt function.

The camera is equipped with a 4 megapixel camera, which also has a night mode. Kasa Smart reports that the camera can track people. There is also an eye-catching mode that allows users to have the camera checked in certain areas. Kasa Smart calls this mode the ‘Patrol Mode’.

Kasa Cam Outdoor: a smart security camera for outside

Kasa Smart doesn’t just come with an indoor camera. The Kasa Cam Outdoor is a security camera that is suitable for outdoor use. With an IP-65, read more about it here IP certification, the camera can take a beating.

Kasa Smart Doorbell: a smart doorbell

Ha, there we have the smart doorbell: the Kasa Smart Doorbell. The camera, like many other smart doorbells, is equipped with a camera and the option of two-way communication. So you can not only see people who ring the bell, but also communicate with them.

The Kasa Smart Doorbell is through The Verge compared to the Nest Hello Video doorl. And we agree: the two doorbells are very similar. The storage of the doorbell can take place in the cloud (with Kasa Care) or via an internal storage using an SD card.

Kasa Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug: a smart plug

Like many other smart home brands, Kasa Smart also comes with its own smart plug: the Kasa Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug. Yes, we are dealing with one here smart plug for outside. Perfect for yourself smart outdoor lighting or to bring out other smart home solutions.

Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch: a dimmer with motion detection

Do you want to dim your lamps in a smart way? Then you can work with the Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch, a smart home dimmer that is equipped with motion detection. When the dimmer detects movement, the lighting is automatically activated.

This Smart Dimmer Switch can be particularly useful in a hall or in a dark hallway, where you want the lamps to switch on automatically for safety reasons.

Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch: makes classic lamps smart

Planning to make your classic, traditional lamps smart? Then you can get started with the Kasa Smart WiFI Light Switch. With this switch you can not only suddenly control your lights via the app, remotely, but also with speech. The Smart WiFi Light Switch supports voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.y

Buy Kasa Smart home products

When you can buy the Kasa Smart home products remains in the dark for a while. The brand will not come out with more information than just a release date in the course of 2021. Unfortunately, we cannot yet report anything about any prices. The question at all is whether Kasa Smart will also come to our country.

Kasa Smart home products video

Never heard of Kasa Smart? The brand has been active in the smart home niche for some time now. About two years ago, TP-Link’s subsidiary posted the video below on YouTube.