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New smart Nest speaker in the works

Google has officially released images of the Google Smart Nest speaker. This smart speaker has support of the Google Home.

Google has officially released images of the Google Smart Nest speaker. This smart speaker has to follow the Google Home . Earlier this week, the first photos surfaced at a Japanese communications watchdog, but now Google has released material itself . This is what the speaker looks like.

So Google has officially acknowledged the existence of the speaker by releasing promotional materials. The company could not do otherwise, since the first photos could already be found on the internet. Those photos are usually not very attractive, so the search engine giant may have felt compelled to show what the Google Home successor actually looks like. Google has not yet given a name. But the company does say that employees work quietly on the device from home.

Google Smart Nest speaker succeeds Google Home

In terms of design, the Google Nest speaker falls somewhere between the Google Nest Mini and the Google Home Max. The latter speaker was never released in the Netherlands, but is in fact a pumped-up version of the first Home. Not only in terms of shape, but also in terms of sound. It contains much better drivers. The first Home speaker has poor sound quality, especially compared to speakers that appeared afterwards. The Nest speaker should also fall somewhere between the Nest Mini and Home Max in terms of audio quality.

Furthermore, Google has confirmed that the Google Home successor offers support for stereo pairing. This means that you can wirelessly connect two Nest speakers to each other and then enjoy music in stereo quality. This can also be seen in the video that Google released. For example, we see two versions of the Nest speaker behind someone’s sofa. There will also be several color versions, including blue, green and pink.

Usually, Google announces its hardware plans for the coming year in October. We therefore expect Google to fully unveil the speaker.