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New Innr app for WiFi LED lighting launched

New Innr app has been launched that will be useful for for WiFi LED lighting. The app is user friendly and comes with number of new options

New Innr app has launched  via its new application for smart WiFi LED lighting. The app has been completely renewed and has a number of new functions for WiFi products. For example, setting the WiFi LED lamps would now be easier.

New Innr app for WiFi lighting

The well-known Innr app from Zigbee and WiFi lamps has been completely renewed. This will let the brand know right after it has already received the new Innr OPS 140 announced, an extra power source to expand the smart outdoor lighting.

The new Innr app is not only much more user-friendly, Innr promises, but also comes with a number of new functionalities.

One of them is that we can now easily set up smart WiFi LED lights via the ability to scan the QR code. You scan the code and the app immediately recognizes the new LED lamp, after which it is added to the Innr account.

Immediately after this installation, the smart lamp can be operated immediately via the app on the smartphone or of course via the voice assistant with voice commands, if you paired them with a smart speaker or display.

New Innr App stimulates scenes

As an alternative to individually controlling the smart lamps, automated routines, better known as smart home scenarios, are of course popular. “Predefined timers are therefore very popular with users, as they can be used to activate or deactivate favorite settings at specific times,” concludes Innr.

It is therefore the first time that the new Innr app stimulates scenes to wake up or to fall asleep. Announced earlier this week Google Nest also already such a new function: a sunrise alarm for Google Nest Hub. And also Setting IKEA Tradfri lamps for sunset has recently become possible.

App has been thoroughly tested for user-friendliness

During the development of the this app, a lot of attention was paid to its user-friendliness. Thus the emphasis was placed on completely intuitive operation; partly because of this, it was decided to subject the entire look and feel of the user interface to various usability tests.

The result is impressive: simple and convenient to use buttons and sliders on a ‘pleasant dark background’. Yep, the Innr app is now also available in a dark mode. And while setting smart lighting can sometimes be rocket science, Innr proves that it can also be different.

In fact, despite the complex setting options, the individual functions can even be operated by primary school children, according to various tests that Innr conducted for the new app.