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New Google Nest Hub with sleep tracking

Google newly introduced its Nest Hub with sleep tracking which can monitor and track your sleep quality and routine when you will ask to do it.

Nest Hub with sleep tracking: There is a lot going on about the Google Nest Hub. For example, it was announced early in the week that there is likely a new Google Nest Hub comes with Soli sensor and was announced earlier today that Google has changed the sound effect when casting to speakers and displays.

Google Nest Hub with sleep tracking

Google has already used the Soli sensor function added, like the Google Nest Thermostat that has this. So there is an example from the past where it has been used and it seems that they now want to build on that at the Google Nest Hub. They want to use the Soli sensor to apply sleep tracking. Your sleep will be tracked via the Soli sensor and you can, for example, ask Google Assistant the next day:

  • “How did I sleep last night?”
  • “Show my sleep summary.”

Because the Google Nest Hub does not have a camera, it is already more appreciated by users and they put it in the bedroom faster than smart products with a camera. The Google Nest Hub is also widely used as an alarm clock, so it is not surprising that Google chooses to apply this function to this product. In addition, with the sensor you can also turn off your alarm or snooze with hand gestures, which is nice if you are not much of a talker in the morning.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether it works, because how should the Google Nest Hub be positioned? What happens if you move around a lot in your sleep? And what happens if you are in bed with someone or have an animal lying next to you? It remains to be seen but it may well be that Google has come up with something on this of course!

Amazon Alexa also announced sleep tracking

It can be a struggle to be the first to offer smart products with sleep tracking. The rumors were earlier this week that Amazon Alexa is working on a sleep track function on a product that helps you recognize and monitor sleep apnea.

Faster on the market than expected

There is a chance that the new Google Nest Hub will also be on the market faster than expected. It was previously said that the smart device would arrive in 2021, but that is of course quite a message. The Verge says it may already be faster than expected because Google recently registered a new interactive device with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Price indication of Nest Hub with sleep tracking

If Google actually releases this new Google Nest Hub, it remains to be seen what the price will be. The current Google Nest Hub is now € 84  and the Google Nest Hub Max, the Nest Hub’s bigger brother, is now $ 229 in America. The expectation is that the new Google Nest Hub will be in between these two devices in terms of price.