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New Google Nest Hub alarms, including ‘sunrise alarm’

Google Nest Hub alarms list has been updated with inclusion of sunrise alarm with new Google Nest Hub with soli sensor

Google Nest Hub alarms- The Google Nest Hub, the smart display from Google, will soon be equipped with a new alarm: sunrise alarm. The complete interface for creating alarms will also be renewed. The update should be available for the regular Google Nest hub soon.

Google Nest Hub alarms

Earlier, we discussed the possibility of using the Google Nest Hub as a smart alarm clock to use, but the possibilities are now being expanded even more. The entire interface for setting alarms has been renewed.

Where previously you can slide from bottom to top to see all alarms in a horizontal bar or by saying ‘Hey Google, show me my alarms‘, you will now see all alarms in a list form.

You can slide this on or off for each alarm. Are you creating a new alarm? Then you can now also choose whether there should be a recurring alarm; a function that we of course already know when setting an alarm via your smartphone.

Finally, you can also indicate whether there should be the so-called sunrise alarm. This is a new functionality that we would like to take a closer look at.

Sunrise alarm with Google Nest Hub

Google now seems to be doing everything it can to allow users to place the Google Nest Hub in the bedroom. Not just with a possible new Google Nest Hub with soli sensor, which will likely feature sleep tracking, but also with the current variant.

With a new sunrise alarm, Google’s smart display can keep getting brighter and brighter. Similar to a wake-up light, a smart alarm clock that you have to wake up in a calm way. Not only the display itself can become brighter: you have more smart lighting in your bedroom, you can also let it brighten more slowly to wake you up quietly.

Sound Effects

You can also opt for a ‘pre-alarm’ with a soothing sound effect. You can choose from 20 tones, the photos show that 9to5Google shares of Nest Hub’s new alarm interface. You can choose how long in advance it should start: from 5 minutes in advance to even half an hour in advance.

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is a smart display from Google. There are two versions: the regular Google Nest Hub and the larger Google Nest Hub Max. This latest version is equipped with a front camera, so it can also be used for online meetings. Recently found another one revamp for the Google Meet on the Hub Max place.

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