New Google Nest Cameras in 2021 with ADT security

New Google Nest Cameras are launched that are well supported by ADT (US security company) security as well.

New Google Nest Cameras in 2021 with ADT security: For a moment it was a big question mark when there was an out of stock of Nest Cam’s in various countries. Will they ever return or can we expect new models in the future? The latter turns out to be true: 9to5Google reports that Google has confirmed to them that a new series of cameras are coming.

Google Nest Cameras in Partnership with ADT security

Google appears to be pushing the announcement in line with its new partnership with ADT, a major US security company. The two companies would work on a solution where security specialists would sell and install the Nest cameras.

On 9to5Google has Google now confirmed that they will come up with a new series of smart security cameras in 2021. Google also announced that it will continue to invest in new innovations for Google Nest equipment. Yesterday was still on Smarthomeweb.nl to read that there is most likely one new Google Nest Hub arrives with a Soli sensor.

Sold out Nest Cam’s

Various blogs reported at the end of last year that smart home cameras from Google Nest were sold out everywhere. And not just for a moment, but for a longer period of time. It was already suggested that Google might be slowing down sales, because new models would be in the offing.

Nest Aware

In order to make full use of the functionalities of a Google Nest smart security camera, users must purchase a subscription. We delved into this subscription in an extensive article, what Nest Aware hot.

This subscription has recently been renewed: you can now choose between storage of 30 or 60 days. If you choose the 60-day option, called Nest Aware Plus, you will also receive 10 days of 24/7 video history.