Native Union Drop Classic: Wireless charging in simple elegance

Native Union Drop Classic promises to take AirPods Pro with the charging pad . So whoever has them will have an additional benefit.

Review: Native Union Drop Classic – Sometimes less is more! This is how we see the order on the bedside table and desk. If you think the same way here and would rather place a few, but important things in the field of vision, you might like the Native Union Drop Classic charging pad. The wireless charger for smartphones is kept very simple. Connected with USB-C, the description of the product could already be finished, but we took a closer look at the Drop Classic.

We want to have as little distraction as possible on our bedside and desk from unnecessary things that either disrupt our work flow or prevent us from falling asleep quickly. A sleek, simple charging pad for the smartphone is therefore the right way to supply your smartphone with fresh energy either on the bedside table next to the bed or on the desk. The drop Classic charging pad from Native Union seems to be the ideal candidate; It couldn’t be simpler.

Native Union Drop Classic – Wireless Charger with style

Made of consciously produced Italian nappa leather , the charging pad hangs on our table and is even fun to touch. The material is really chic and the workmanship couldn’t be better. The manufacturer also describes the product in such a way that the leather look changes its appearance over time. After a while in use, you get an individual patina , which should make each product unique in the end. The bottom of the charger is covered with an anti-slip coating – practical.

Native Union also equips the Drop Classic Pad with thermal protection and foreign body detection ; this ensures safety and durability over the long term. We particularly like the included USB-C cable , which comes in a two meter long version. Really great dimensions to get along well behind the desk. Once the cable is connected to the wall plug, you can start using it. Smartphone on and done! By the way: A wall plug is not included in the scope of delivery.

Powerful – also suitable for AirPods Pro

The hand-carved leather can really be seen on the table, but it is also not too bulky. An inconspicuous circle now adorns the table surface; only a small notch in the middle of the charging pad stands out if you take a closer look at the charging accessories. The Native Union Drop Classic supports fast charging up to 10 watts . iPhones are charged up to a maximum of 7.5 watts. Still great values ​​when you compare the power with other wireless chargers.

Native Union promises to take AirPods Pro with the charging pad . So whoever has them will have an additional benefit. Our test device was an iPhone 11 Pro Max and was always charged additionally. No problem even with the cover on. The charging speed actually exceeds our charging pad that was used up to then and thus replaces it. The Native Union Drop Classic charging pad is available for 59.99 euros . Here we have presented even more smartphone gadgets for you.