Must Have Hair Dressing Devices:Choosing the right

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices: It is important to choose and use the right device for your hair type and the hairstyle you want to have.

Nowadays, multiple devices have arrived on the market to allow everyone to achieve a perfect hairstyle, a hairstyle in our image while respecting the hair.Here is list of Must Have Hair Dressing Devices:

It is important to choose and use the right device for your hair type and the hairstyle you want to have.

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices: The hairdryer

 It can be used on all hair types to achieve a multitude of hairstyles. 
Over the years they have been perfected in order to respect the hair and its sensitivity. For this they have several speeds, but also several levels of heat.
The most sophisticated devices even allow automatic adjustment of the drying temperature according to the moisture content of the hair. Some even have a sensory function, the device turns on automatically when picked up.

There are 3 types of hair dryers on the market:

  • Travel hair dryers : With a foldable handle, they take up little space and can be easily taken in a suitcase when traveling. 
  • So-called “classic” hair dryers : With several speeds, several intensities of heat, they are suitable for everyone. If the use of the hair dryer is daily, it is preferable to choose a hair dryer allowing automatic temperature adjustment in order to preserve the hair fiber.  
  • Professional hair dryers : The air directive is favored thanks to the heating body which is more elongated on professional hair dryers. The concentrator is generally much thinner in order to have a Powerful airflow. They are generally lighter and have a “cold air” button to fix the hairstyle. The motor of professional hair dryers is different from that of conventional hair dryers. Indeed they are provided with an AC or DC motor allowing it to have a longer life.
Must Have Hair Dressing Devices

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices: Hair irons

They allow you to change your hairstyle overnight, by straightening or curling your hair.

There are 2 types of hair dryers on the market:

Straightening irons : Allows to make the hair, smooth and straight, thanks to heating plates. In order to preserve your hair, it is preferable to use an iron with ionic ceramic plates or “infrared” plates.

  • Ceramic plates : Protects the hair, retains its shine and natural elasticity.
  • Infrared plates : Allows for prolonged smoothing and does not burn the hair. There are professional straightening irons with functions that make them more efficient but especially more effective on hair that is difficult to straighten (thick, curly hair, etc.). They all have a rotating cord making them more manageable. The temperature is adjustable, allowing the heat of the plates to be adapted to the type of hair. However, avoid daily uses which in the long term will damage the hair.

Curling / curling irons : Depending on the desired result, a more or less fine iron will be used. The thinner the diameter, the tighter and therefore smaller the loop. Conversely, the bigger it is, the bigger the loop will be. 
For an optimal result it is essential to use a curling mousse.
In order to preserve its hair and not to burn the fiber, the iron must be either:

  • Ceramic : Acts as a protective buffer between the heat of the iron and the hair. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures.
  • In titanium : Often associated with ceramics, titanium allows an excellent diffusion of heat and especially a uniform diffusion.
  • In tourmaline : Ideal for people with thick hair. Generally mixed with ceramic making it more efficient. In addition, it prevents frizz, the curls are better defined. Some curling irons have automatic rotation with two directions of rotation. The iron thus winds the wick on its own and releases it after a few seconds in the same way.
Must Have Hair Dressing Devices


The blower brush
It allows you to brush without great difficulty. It reproduces the gesture of styling. By blowing the brush straightens the hair straight and allows to shape them thanks to the tension it creates. Often provided when purchasing different brushes with different diameters but also many accessories allowing to vary the styles.
The handle is often provided with two speeds / temperatures in order not to burn the hair and to respect its nature.
Some models are equipped with automatic rotation with two directions of rotation to brusher the bits inside or outside. There is also the Ionic and Ceramic function. The Ionica function to avoid static electricity and the ceramic function to ensure their shine.

The heating brush
It allows you to make curls, curls but above all to obtain volume. Like a straightener, it is composed of a ceramic heating coating that can be used on dry hair. 

The heated blowing brush
Combining the two, like a hair dryer, it blows hot air to dry the hair, and at the same time allows brushing. 

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices: Curlers

They accentuate the curls, can be used on straight hair as well as curly. The ideal is to use them on wet hair. Alternative to curling irons, they nevertheless take time.
Hair curlers have a second life, thanks to heated curlers. They are usually sold in a box that serves as a heating base. Easy to use, some even have a fixing system. They allow to obtain a good result in a short time and a long lasting. Thanks to the ionic function the curls formed are beautiful, shiny and frizz-free.   

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices

The lawnmower

Apparatus of choice for men, they allow you to make various cuts at home. The choice could seem simple, nevertheless some questions are to be asked.
Do you want a corded or cordless mower?
A hair and beard trimmer? or exclusively hair?
Will the use be daily or monthly?
The type of hair?

It is important first to define the type of mower desired, corded or cordless?
The corded mower : It connects to the sector. The autonomy is unlimited, however the wire can be annoying 
The cordless mower : It has a rechargeable battery, with an average autonomy of 40-45 minutes.
Another important element when buying blades and accessories
For the mower to be efficient and more practical, the choice must turn to self-lubricating blades. 
The blades are often accompanied by accessories that should not be neglected: clogs, combs, scissors … thus allowing to vary the lengths and heights of cut and thus offer a wide choice of hairstyles, cuts.
Another criterion: cutting guides The
more the mower is equipped with cutting guides, the more the cuts can be personalized. Conventional mowers have on average between 4 and 10 cuts with a height ranging from 0.5 to 45 mm.

Must Have Hair Dressing Devices