musegear finder 2: stylish key finder with its own app

Review: musegear finder 2 is a successful & cheaper alternative and does not need to hide behind the Californian competition.

Everyone is probably familiar with the problem of lost items. The keychain is most often lost. If this is really gone, it is inconvenient to get a replacement for every key or even to have to exchange locks. Various helpers from the category of technology gadgets  are intended to provide a remedy for the eternal search. We had the musegear finder 2 in the test and tell you about our experiences with the smart product. 

First, we want to shed light on the functionality specified by the manufacturer . The musegear finder 2 should be attached to a keychain or other valuable item. The download of the brand’s own app is required. Only a few steps should be necessary to activate your own finder. The app can now make the finder ring and makes searching much easier. Conversely, the button on the gadget can also be used to ping the smartphone – that’s the theory.

musegear finder 2: Compact key finder in many color options

The finder 2 is delivered in a compact cardboard box. An instruction manual, a loop for a keychain, a 3M adhesive pad and a plastic triangle to open the product when changing the battery. The finder 2 by musegear is square with rounded corners and measures 35 x 35 x 6 millimeters. The hole for the key ring or loop is on the top right. Further holes are made for the output of the audio signal. There is also a small slot on the side to make opening the finder easier. A CR2032 button cell provides the energy and should be replaced about once a year.

The musegear finder app must be downloaded for use. After a short setup, you can use the manageable functions. It is possible to add and name multiple finder 2s . You can also read the current signal strength between the search aids and the smartphone. Another important piece of information is of course the current battery level . After two weeks of intensive testing, we can still show that it is 100% charged.

Clear app with useful configuration options

map shows the current position of the musegear finder 2. If you move out of the radius of the device, you can get a message in the form of a banner or ringing on your smartphone. All of this can be managed in the settings of the clear app. You can also configure certain modes such as sleeping or rest yourself. A particularly clever function can also be controlled directly from the app, because the finder 2 can  also function as a remote release via the app . Simply tap on the photo symbol in the app, position the mobile phone and release the photo with the button on the finder.

Of course, we also took the hardness test and imitated a scenario of losing a keychain. We ignored the first messages about leaving the radius. Only after a few kilometers did we take another look at the app. The last location with a signal from the smartphone is then displayed there. Now you just have to be lucky that the key or the valuable object is still in this place. Navigation can also be started from the app with Apple Maps or Google Maps. The goal is then the point at which the cell phone lost the signal from the musegear finder 2, in our case just under 20 meters from the key ring.

Shortly before you reach your destination, you can now use the acoustic signal . In our case, however, this did not work right away because the finder 2 did not connect directly to the smartphone. After a few minutes of walking around, this was finally the case and the keychain including the electronic finder could be pinged and thus also found. Depending on the location of the finder 2 and the possible connection to the mobile phone, this can take a short time and you should n’t give up immediately .

Every user has a favorite color. The German company is also addressing this. There are different colors and thus the keychain can be spiced up. So it’s not just a piece of plastic, but can also be a real eye-catcher in bright colors such as orange and pink. Matching leather brackets make the gadget chic and sure to attract curious glances.

The musegear finder 2 convinced us by and large. In less complex situations with a manageable radius , the finder does its job reliably . Pinging works flawlessly and you can be sure that the item you are looking for or the cell phone is nearby. Another advantage is that it can be used with different operating systems . The loop for attaching it to a keychain or something similar should also be emphasized positively. In order to compare the product with the AirTag from Apple, some parallels can be drawn here and still highlight major differences.

Positive conclusion on the musegear finder 2

Unfortunately, an AirTag does not have any fastening option and can only be used by Apple users. In terms of costs, it is almost 10 euros higher. However, the function of crowd use by other Apple users and the high-quality technology make it more sensitive and therefore somewhat more precise. All around, however, the product from musegear is a successful & cheaper alternative and does not need to hide behind the Californian competition. A musegear finder 2 is priced at 24.99 euros. This is a really fair price for the product and app . The musegear finder 2 are even cheaper on Amazon.