Mophie Powerstation 2019 with textile cover

Review: Mophie Powerstation 2019- power bank with beautiful appearance and Comfortable textile covering with USB-C connection

Mophie has already released a number of Powerstation power banks. We tested the 2019 version: it has textile cover and a USB-C port for input and output. Is such a premium power bank worth the money?

Mophie Powerstation 2019

Mophie announced a new Powerstation in March 2019, a series of power banks covered with textile. They are equipped with a USB-C connection and can charge your iPhone several times. There are a lot of power banks , but you often see that they still have a micro-USB connection for charging, especially at budget brands. At Mophie you don’t immediately think of a budget. These products that look stylish and often cost a little more. But is such a more expensive power bank necessary? Is the quality better, do you get more capacity or are there other reasons for choosing a power bank from a more expensive brand?


These are the main features of the Mophie Powerstation power bank:

  • Capacity 10,000 mAh (also available in other capacities)
  • Available in blue, gray, black and other colors
  • USB-C port for input / output (there are also models with integrated Lightning cable and heavier models for MacBooks)
  • Output (USB-C): 5V / 3A
  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Supplied with short USB-C cable

Different models

Mophie has been releasing power banks under the name Powerstation for years. There are therefore several models available. For example, in the Apple Store you will also find a Mophie Powerstation ( € 99.90 ) with a rubber-like coating that is suitable for wireless charging .

There are also models with a built-in Lightning cable ( € 99.95 ) that have the advantage that you do not need an extra cable. After all, it is attached to the battery .

The model we tested is the Powerstation 2019 with textile cover, a USB-C and a USB-A port. The material is not only durable, according to Mophie, but also feels comfortable and won’t scratch other devices if they rub against them. You get a two-year warranty on it. Should you experience this, Mophie will send you a new one and you have 60 days to return the broken power bank to them. Until then, an amount has been blocked on your credit card to ensure that it is not misused.

Mophie Powerstation 2019

This Powerstation is intended for daily use and is available in four capacities: 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 mAh. We have tested the standard Powerstation with a capacity of 10,000 mAh in the color blue. This gives your smartphone 36 hours of extra usage time. If you have an iPhone with a battery capacity of around 3,000 mAh, you can charge your device about three times. The more expensive models with more capacity are only available in the colors gray and black, while with the entry-level models you can also choose from bright pink, pink and light blue. I personally would not choose a light color, because a power bank often lies around everywhere and quickly gets dirty. The textile will be washable, but I wouldn’t be running my power bank that quickly.

Mophie Powerstation 2019

The special thing is that this Powerstation 2019 is equipped with a USB-C port that is suitable for both input and output. So you can charge the power bank at the wall socket with one port and use the same port for charging your iPhone. In addition, it has a USB-A port. Strangely enough, the product does not have the Made for iPhone certification, which I would have expected with such a premium brand. Four LED lights on the side indicate the status of the internal battery . You can check this with a button on the side. You don’t have to switch it on, because as soon as you plug in the cable, charging will start immediately. In 30 minutes my iPhone XS Max was charged up to 50% again. This of course depends on the model and the starting percentage.

Mophie Powerstation 2019

The power bank measures 139mm x 72mm, which is about the size of an iPhone XS. At 16mm, it is a lot thicker than the iPhone, but still handy enough to carry in your bag.

Conclusion – Mophie Powerstation 2019

There are several versions of the Mophie Powerstation. We have tested the model with USB-C connection, where the port is suitable for input and output. So you can charge two devices at the same time. The power bank is fine, but you can expect that from such a premium-priced product. You buy this power bank mainly because of the beautiful appearance and the certainty that you have. You get a two-year warranty , so if the power bank breaks in the meantime, you will get a new one. Are you an AliExpressshopper then this is clearly not for you, because you can buy similar power banks for a much lower price no-name. The point is that this Mophie power bank does not really distinguish itself at any point with a unique function, for example extra fast or extra safe charging and there is not even an MFi label on it.

Positives of Mophie Powerstation 2019

  • Universal USB-C port for input and output
  • Comfortable textile covering
  • Available in different capacities and with / without Lightning cable
  • Sleek design, looks stylish

Cons of Mophie Powerstation 2019

  • No MFi certification
  • Does not stand out with unique functions