Mooy cable accessories for your iPhone

Review: Mooy cable accessories are handy to have, especially if you travel often. But it has to compete in the market with cheap remakes

The Taiwanese brand Mooy has a number of solutions to keep your cables under control. We look at the Mooy cable accessories, i.e., Mooy Dashman, Hugman, Clingman and the Gekko Board in this round-up. This keeps your cable group under control.

Mooy cable accessories from Taiwan

Mooy makes even more accessories for your iPhone , including to attach the AirPods . However, we will start with a few accessories that you as a normal user encounter every day: how do you keep cables together? I’ve already tried several solutions for this, including Velcro, reusable tie wraps, and rubber bands. Some people even use bread bag clips to keep their charging cables and wired earpieces together. IKEA cables come with a practical binding elastic, so that you can roll up your cable neatly after use. But with Apple ‘s official cablesonce a cable has been unpacked itself, it always looks a bit untidy. Strangely enough, you will find few solutions for cable management in the store, even though there is quite a need for it.

Not all products that we test at the iCulture editorial board receive an extensive review. For covers, cables and other accessories we have the more concise ‘iCulture view’ reviews. These covers are made available by the distributor.

Mooy cable accessories in short

These are the main features:

  • Various solutions for cable management
  • Cheerful colors, therefore easy to find
  • For winding up cables and earplugs, securing cables in the car, etc.
  • Targeting people with a hyper-connected, mobile lifestyle (‘Urban Flux’)
  • Prices between € 9.99 and € 19.99


The Clingman Cable Organizer is a rubber cable tie that is available in the colors blue, red, green and gray. We have tried the red version. It actually works very simply. The cable tie has a thickened piece that you put through the opening. It is suitable for almost any type of cable. The only downside is that the cable tie is not adjustable, so you need 6-10 wraps of the cable to prevent it from being too loose. In itself it is useful that the cable tie is made of rubber-like material, because it does not slide. Handy to have on hand. There are three pieces in a package of ten euros.


The Hugman Cable Organizer is, in fact, similar, but has something extra. If you have a charging cable, you often also need a power bank or a power adapter. You can put it loose in your bag, but that will be grabbing the moment you need both. The Hugman ensures that everything stays together as one package. You roll up the cable and fix it, while you wrap a kind of elastic ring around your power adapter. That way everything stays together neatly. Initially I had some doubts whether a whole power bank could be secured with it. With common adapters and power banks it works, but if you have a whopper with which you can also charge notebooks, then it becomes a bit tight. The Hugman is made of the same material as the Clingman and therefore does not shift during use. You get 2 in a pack for a tenner.


Dashman solves a problem that always bother me: cables lying around in the car. And then I especially need a solution that is not too conspicuous and where you do not have to stick too many things to the dashboard. Before you know it, an ugly glue spot will remain. Dashman is a kind of plug that you put in the ventilation grille and it comes in two colors: black and gray. This allows you to guide cables. If you already have an iPhone holder that you insert into the grids on the dashboard, then you know the approach. You put a pair of rubber fins between the slats and that stays in place remarkably well. The black variant comes in handy for the black interior of our car, although the lighter plug also looks fine in combination with a white cable.

The only downside is that you don’t have ventilation grilles everywhere. Only suitable for certain places in the car.

Gekko Board

This is actually the funniest product we’ve tested. I have had a Cocoon Grid-It elastic board for at least ten years and already knew the principle of a kind of ‘shelf’ on which you attach all kinds of cables and accessories. However, the Grid-It has such a format that I never actually take it with me. Especially during this time, you are more likely to go away for a weekend close to home than to immediately spend a 3-week holiday outside Europe on an island. You don’t need that many cables and your hand luggage shouldn’t be too heavy.

The Gekko Board from Mooy is a size that fits better for small outings. On the one hand there are compartments for cards, so that you have your health card, museum card and other useful cards at hand, which you do not need every day. You can also put some stationery and other small cards in there, such as business cards from the restaurants where you had a nice meal during the vacation.

You can arrange the other side freely with the Velcro elastics. I packed some random stuff together to show how useful it is (no, I don’t smoke). This is actually a great size to take with you on a weekend trip. You can see at a glance where your belongings are and can stick everything on it as desired. There are also eyes to include the record in a binder, but who uses binders on vacation? As a separate card with all your important cables and other junk, this is very handy.

As said: this brand has even more accessories, including for storing your AirPods and wired earphones. You can find them on the Mooy site. We do not find the PickPod, where you can stick the AirPods Pro to the back of your iPhone, very practical because you usually put your AirPods back in the box as soon as possible to avoid losing them. If something is included, you can get it via DigiTrading.

Conclusion Mooy cable accessories

These cable accessories are handy to have, especially if you travel often. The point is that it will be difficult for the manufacturer to sell this as premium products: before you know it, it is also with the Action or people order it from AliExpress . I actually find the four accessories that we have discussed here handy, especially if you regularly travel and want to keep an overview of your cable collection.