MONTH OF THE HIFI: The Month of the HIFI Roars On in December, with today's focus on Your Hifi Choice in Soest.

The Month of the HIFI Roars On in December, with today’s focus on Your Hifi Choice in Soest. From the audio specialist store at Steenhoffstraat 15 in the Utrecht municipality, there was more than enough to update. Developments and serious changes that actually started in the autumn of 2019, when the company philosophy was slightly revised. So it’s high time to catch up.

“Our company was founded 15, 16 years ago from a love for image and sound equipment, and a passion for the right installation,” says Mark Haringsma. “Last year, this led us to shift the focus a bit. We are no longer just a hi-fi specialist, but a complete audio, video and smartliving installation company. In principle we have always been that way, but we have never expressed it that way. “

“In the coming year we will be (re) building a few things, dividing them differently and separating our spaces in order to create more experience spaces. We already have several listening rooms, but everything is open. So if you are listening to a nice high-end system in the back, you get the Play 1 in the front for free. We now want to isolate that a bit more. We are upgrading from an interior technical point of view. A few things have also been purchased new, but the well-known stock problems of this strange year also play a role in this. So we are now aiming for the course of the first quarter of next year. ”

Home automation and custom projects

So a firm (er) focus on smart home – what about that? “Yes, we are not only focused on audio & video, but also in various home automation solutions. We automate and integrate electronic equipment in and around the house in a smart way. With the help of a home automation system, we can operate your devices centrally, simply and everywhere. Not only with your fingers on a smartphone or touch panel on the wall, but also with the voice if you wish. Think of your lighting, security, window decoration and sun blinds, music and home cinema. ”

“Actually, we do whatever is convenient,” says Mark. “If you take your building plan with you and come and sit with us, anything is possible. And not only from the current range, because we immerse ourselves with you. You always have to dive into that; what are the wishes and what are the options. That is therefore not limited to the current offer or the own network. ” In that network you will find, among others, Control4, Fibaro and digitalSTROM, but it doesn’t stop there. “It is also slowly becoming an increasingly important part of our company, because they are not only large projects, but you also spend quite some time on them. Our installer has been working on one project for months, which means that I am currently taking on all the installation jobs in between! ”, Mark says with a smile.

“From that angle we also have more and more projects for which we come up with custom solutions. Think of complete home theaters, special hi-fi sets and smart living. For example, we have just provided a complete lounge. That was a really big set, entirely built around Sivian Acoustics. We have provided someone’s private lounge / pub / disco – say man cave 2.0 – in his house with speakers that go up to 130 dB. Completely custom, and of course also with solutions for acoustics. ”

Sivian Acoustics

“If we really want to put something special away, and it has to be big and smashing, then that is really something unique. We are an exclusive importer, or rather a distributor, because it is of course just a Dutch brand. In such a custom installation everything is really from Sivian, right down to the cabling. ”

In our market, many manufacturers within audio have arisen from a kind of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with the offer on the market, the audio quality or the possibilities of the equipment offered. This certainly also applies to Sivian Acoustics, which arose in the early 1990s from the idea of ​​better control of loudspeakers. “Today Sivian Acoustics has a mature line of electronics and loudspeakers that are perfectly matched. Their gear is out of this world, the sound is one of the best kept secrets and the musical experience is addictive. You have been warned!”

Speaking of exclusive brands, you will find a few more of them at Your Hifi Choice. Townshend Audio for example, you will not find that just anywhere. “Lexicom has it, in Leidschendam, and in addition you are already in Belgium, at AudioPerfect and Alpha High End. Townshend makes products that break the link between loudspeakers and (underground) vibrations, and continuously refine them. The aim is to find the best solution for every problem in the entire audio reproduction chain, in order to build the most ideal music system possible. ”

Uw Hifi Choice also offers unique solutions in the field of interior design. What about a Do-maru design panel for the wall? “A true all-in-one solution for all audio and video for the future. No additional wall needed and no unsightly cables to be seen. They absorb reflections, remove echo and improve the acoustics of the room! ” The luxury wall solutions from Do-maru are available with optional invisible speakers, optional multi-color LED lighting and voice control as desired. In 50 colors of acoustics, 40 colors of speaker cloth, and numerous wood finishes.

High-End from A to Z

“By the way, we also have the better-known brands,” says Mark. KEF Reference, for example. The Accuphase E-800 is here, but we have that entire line-up of integrated amplifiers anyway. NAD runs very well, of course with the M10 and M33. We have both of these in a demo, just like the C 298 with Purifi Eigentakt. From Dynaudio we have everything, up to and including the Confidence, and of course the brand new Heritage. We are really crazy about that, because it sounds fantastic and also looks incredible, really classic. ”

Also real high-end in the package? Sure, take that E-800 for a second. ‘ Ultra Low Noise’ and ‘Super High Damping Factor’, Accuphase’s own excellent AAVA-type balanced volume control, output stages with the same architecture as the A-48, a very powerful power supply; they are serious units, those Japanese.

The E-800 has a monoblock construction. The powerful power supply with a massive custom-made high-efficiency toroidal transformer and two large smoothing capacitors with a capacity of 60,000? F are installed in the center of the unit. The balanced AAVA volume control is located on the front of the unit to avoid noise. The rated output power specified by Accuphase is 50 Watts at eight Ohms, 100 Watts at four Ohms and 200 Watts at two Ohms. Even with an impedance of one ohm, the E-800 can deliver 300 watts of power. The E-800 can thus easily and completely control any type of speaker.

Whether we have had all the options? No definitely not. The home worker, and there are currently quite a few, can find everything from active sets for your desk and noise canceling headphones to full speakerphones, for example from Yamaha Pro. “We are one of the few who also do the Pro side, with which we can furnish everything from catering to conference rooms. For example, in January we will build a disco from a shed. We can make something thick there – beamers, speakers, you name it. Incidentally, we also rent out high-end equipment, but that is logically really quiet now. Installations and, if desired, entertainment for parties, that is not possible now. The advantage is that those guests are now working in the store, which is nice, because it is busy there. Though we are soon, somewhere in the first quarter, so be closed for a few days, because then we will tackle the listening rooms. ” To be continued!