Microwaves oven;Helpful Tips

in this article you will definitely know about the non-exhaustive list of the actions to adopt to use microwaves oven safely

Microwaves oven;Helpful Tips- A controversy has been launched for many years on the effects of magnetic waves emitted by microwaves. Although studies have proven that this one is safe, it is not advisable to stay near a microwave on. It can therefore be placed anywhere in the room.

Microwaves oven;Helpful Tips

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the actions to adopt:

  • Never run a microwave empty.
  • Do not insert any metallic object into the cavity, as this could cause sparks. All other types of containers: plastics, glass dishes, ceramics can be used without any problem.
  • To ensure even cooking, it is necessary to cover your food. Except for pies and quiches, which should not be covered to avoid softening.
  • Keep the oven out of the reach of children
  • Some heart simulators can react to microwaves. It is therefore important to consult your doctor beforehand.
  • The interior walls as well as the heating elements of the oven can be hot and cause burns.

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  • On a daily basis, in order to avoid any projections on the walls, protection of the heating dishes is necessary.
  • Clean the appliance regularly by wiping the interior walls, the door and the gaskets with a damp sponge. Tip to loosen dirt, heat water with lemon juice.