Microwave ovens: Basic you Need to Know

Microwave ovens can be installed or built-in. Some models are associated with traditional ovens making a united and aesthetic whole.

The microwave ovens would have appeared just after the second world war. The first commercialization of this device, was in 1953. This device at the time was far from small, since it measured 1m80 high for a weight of 340 kilograms. This was miniaturized in the 60s to become as we know it today. Its real success began in 1975 with the RR-6-RADARANGE 6.

The microwave ovens can also be installed or built-in. Built-in microwave ovens have a few advantages. They save space by sliding into the built-in niche provided for this purpose. In addition, some models are associated with traditional ovens making a united and aesthetic whole.

microwave ovens

There exist three types of programming:

The mechanical : With only one button timer, a power switch and function.
The electromechanical : with an electronic timer, and a mechanical programming (power switch and function).
The electronics : fully electronic programming, it is the most effective nowadays.

From these 3 programs arise 4 types of ovens:

  • The single -function microwave : the simplest on the market. Ideal for occasional use, it has the main functions: defrosting, reheating, and cooking certain foods.

The microwave grill oven : Enjoys the same functions as the single-function but thanks to the grill it allows you to brown toast and even brown. Some are even as efficient as a traditional oven and thus make cakes.

The handset or multifunction: it combines all the advantages of a grill microwave and those of a traditional convection oven. It allows to prepare meats, fish, but also to make pastries. With this appliance it is even possible to make a crispy croque-monsieur or to cook fries without using the traditional oven.

microwave ovens

The steam : Recently, some furnaces mircro oven are equipped with a function, healthy cooking, fast preserving the flavors and nutritional qualities of food, STEAM function.