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Meross HomeKit sockets: Inexpensive set of 4 with Siri control

Meross HomeKit sockets - A 16A fuse ensures the necessary security. What we also like is the button on the socket that make on/off more convenient

Meross HomeKit sockets – Anyone who reads our blog regularly knows that we love the topic of smart home gadgets and that we keep checking out new gadgets. This is how we became aware of the Meross company, which wants to enable smart homes for little money – even with HomeKit compatibility. Today we introduce you to the new smart sockets from Meross.

Lucas has already brought you closer to Smart Home accessories from Meross . He took a close look at various lamps, LED strips and sockets . Today we would like to give you a taste of the smart sockets again separately, because we are convinced of the small smart plugs.

Meross HomeKit sockets – ready to go in a few seconds

The smart sockets are quickly explained. They are plugged between the house socket and a lamp, for example . Since you can now control the smart socket and switch it on and off, the plugged-in lamp is also controlled “smart” and via smartphone or voice command. The great thing is that the current sets from Meross are also available with Apple HomeKit compatibility . All you need is an Apple device with iOS 13 or higher. Or you can use your local Apple HomePod.

Apple compatible hardware is usually very expensive. With the lamps and LED strips that we have tested from Meross, the company from the Far East has shown us that they can also do it cheaper. In this way, expensive lamps like those from Philips Hue are being replaced or perhaps supplemented. The nice thing is that HomeKit devices are compatible with each other and you can activate a wide variety of scenarios with just one command – from different brand groups.

Disconnect all devices from the power with a single voice command

We’ve been using the Meross sockets for a while. Little by little you find new areas of application and become more creative. In the end, you also save money if you deactivate two large multiple sockets for night calls, which suddenly no longer pass standby power to connected devices. Floor lamps or desk lamps can also be made smart. A command like “ Good morning ” lights up two lamps in the office and welcomes you without further ado.

16A fuse ensures the necessary security. What we also like is the button on the socket . So you can switch it on and off simply by pressing it. Practical for sockets at chest height that control a floor lamp, for example. A little pressure is enough when entering the room and the floor lamp is switched on. Much more comfortable than walking to the base of the lamp and pressing the plastic switch with your foot. This should only serve as an example – there are really no limits to creativity. The sockets can also be programmed with fixed times via time settings .