Medisana Mobile thermal blanket : heated 3-in-1 blanket

Review: Medisana Mobile thermal blanket- At around 95 euros , the mobile thermal blanket from Medisana is not a bargain, so buying should be considered.

Review: Medisana Mobile thermal blanket- In order to mention the exact product name right at the beginning; This is the “Mobile Warming Blanket 3in1 HB 674”. A thermal blanket that can also be operated on the go and without an external power source. A battery is not permanently installed, but a suitable power bank is included in the scope of delivery. What makes the 3-in-1 blanket and what experiences we have had with it, we say in the following review.

The cold winter months like to leave their mark. Whether it is a cold or the body makes itself felt differently differs from person to person. What always helps during this time, however, is soothing warmth . A hot water bottle or thermal blankets are probably the ideal winter gadgets . We introduce you to the mobile heated blanket from Medisana , which is operated without a power plug. Even in the summer evenings on the terrace in the garden, we can see how such a blanket can be used

3-in-1 Medisana Mobile thermal blanket – as a poncho, blanket and throw

The warming blanket is still pleasantly light at 850 grams and impresses with two different materials on the surface. The pleasant upper material is accompanied by a fluffy soft inside and lies well on clothing, but also on the skin. In fact, the materials store a lot of heat even when the electric blanket is switched off. Two practical pockets each take one hand in order not to let them cool down and also to offer the possibility to close the blanket tightly around you – we like that a lot.

Also worth mentioning is the size, which at  162 x 62 cm is  smaller than conventional blankets with which you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa in the evening. However, it doesn’t have to be that big, because firstly, it also serves as a poncho and throw and should not be too big for this, and secondly, it also provides soothing warmth, which makes it significantly more warming than normal blankets .

The first commissioning – self-explanatory & fast

Only the supplied power bank in white optics has to be connected to the USB-A cable in the ceiling. The energy dispenser then disappears into the practical button pocket, which offers optimal dimensions for this but also for other power banks. Now the blanket is switched on and then the heating function is activated with the “ heat button ”. This button now lights up red; if you press it again, it turns orange. So there are two heat levels to be even better adapted to personal needs.

The heating function is switched off automatically every 30 minutes . So you have to press the button more often in the evening on the sofa or in front of the desk to get another half an hour of warmth. In the evening in bed, the automatic switch-off function is definitely more practical, as the blanket does not heat up unnecessarily even though you have already fallen asleep.

Of course, the blanket continues to warm even with the heating function switched off – just not actively. We also often used them only as a throw and without the heating function switched on. In many situations, we have learned to love the mobile thermal blanket, because you can use it to run around in your own house independently of an electrical outlet and to take the blanket with you from the sofa to bed in the evening without it being switched off.

Does the whole blanket get warm or just part of it?

With this article, we would also like to clarify questions that came to our minds before this test. Maybe we can answer these questions to one or the other. In fact, only part of the blanket becomes warm. If you wear the blanket as a throw, the upper back is actively warmed between the shoulder blades. The heat coil is about 25 x 20 centimeters , which is enough to provide pleasant warmth. The blanket is also washable in the washing machine – practical.

How warm does the HB 674 mobile heated blanket get?

As soon as you have switched on the heated blanket at the highest level, it takes about 2-3 minutes for the heated surface to reach its maximum temperature , according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The output of 7 watts of course does not allow the same heating output as a conventional electric blanket, but we are very satisfied with the output. The small level offers a slight warmth that can be compared to the lowest level of seat heating in a car. The highest level of the mobile thermal blanket is significantly stronger and can be compared with the middle level of a car seat heater, or with a hot water bottle that has already cooled down for 10-15 minutes.

A big difference in the perception of warmth is the pressure with which the blanket is pressed against the body. If the blanket lies loosely on your back, the warmth is significantly weaker than if you make yourself comfortable with the blanket on a sofa and the blanket is pressed against your back through the armrest of the sofa . The warmth can be felt very clearly here – very pleasant.

How long does the battery of the Medisana Mobile thermal blanket last?

We would like to give you an answer to this as well. As mentioned above, the blanket needs to be reactivated every 30 minutes in order to experience continued active warmth. In total, you can activate the blanket five times before the power bank with 5,300 mAh quits its service. At a low level, the ceiling creates almost twice the warmth time. Medisana indicates 240 minutes at the lowest level and 150 minutes at the highest level . So we were able to confirm the values.

What we really like is the built-in USB-C port in the power bank . This means that it can be recharged quickly and is contemporary. Four LED indicators show the current battery level and let us know as soon as the power bank is ready again after about three hours. By the way, Medisana has also thought of safety and delivers the blanket with overheating protection .

Can other power banks also be used?

In our test, the blanket also worked with other power banks. Practical to quickly switch to another battery . Significantly larger energy dispensers also fit in the button pocket, which means that the running time of the blanket can be extended. Of course, the right side of the Medisana blanket will then also be heavier. The included power bank meets all safety standards and, in our opinion, is a good size because it is light enough and also offers enough energy .

Conclusion- Medisana Mobile thermal blanket

In order to come to our summary conclusion, we would like to quote the price in advance. At around  95 euros , the mobile thermal blanket from Medisana is not a bargain, so buying it should really be considered. We would now like to support these considerations with our closing words, because the ceiling deserves a positive conclusion in the end .

The quality is excellent, the ceiling feels very good and the control unit also makes a good impression. The functions of the blanket are well thought out, it offers pockets where you need them and the 3-in-1 application as a blanket, poncho and throw plays a role in a cozy winter. We actually often use the blanket in the home office at the desk, but also in the evening on the sofa. The heating surface could have been a little larger, but we think that the blanket as it is creates a good balancing act between thermal output, efficiency and battery life .