Maintain your hob to Increase its life.

Maintain your hob: If you want to use your hob for years you should definitely know how to maintain it. maintenance make it life longer.

Maintain your hob: Although this differs depending on the type of table, proper maintenance is essential and guarantees maximum table life as well as optimum performance and those regardless of the type of table.

Maintain your hob

If you want to use your hob for years you should definitely know how to maintain it. maintenance make it life longer. there are several factors that involves maintaining your hob.

The good news is if you want to know the maintaining tips this article is for you. it will definitely going to be help you.

Maintain your hob: Electric hobs

Despite popular belief, electric hobs require daily maintenance in order to avoid the encrustation of grease and dirt. Cleaning : If the plates are lightly soiled, it suffices to heat them in order to remove the dirt. Recover cold residue. To clean them from encrusted and stubborn dirt, such as grease, baking soda and white vinegar are the ideal weapons Info : The cast iron electric hobs can be prone to rust, to avoid its appearance apply on the hot plates. ‘oil. If rust appears, lemon juice added with salt will help remove it.

Maintain your hob: Gas hobs

The cleaning of the plate but also of the often forgotten burners must be done after each use, in order to avoid that the grease does not become encrusted in the burners and does not affect the quality of the flame by weakening it. Cleaning : Enamel support, a simple swipe of a sponge soaked in clear water and soap or dishwashing liquid is enough. Burners : remove the burners and their supports. Soak them in a bath of water added to soap. Rub them, rinse and dry them. If the burners are clogged, soak them in a bath of white vinegar. From the grid: subject to splashes of grease, etc. it is important to clean them after each use. If the stains are stubborn, soak them in wine vinegar with coarse salt and baking soda for several hours, ideally overnight. Then rub with a sponge, rinse and dry.

Glass-ceramic plates

The coating of glass-ceramic plates is fragile and sensitive to scratches, which is why cleaning them must be gentle. Cleaning : After each use with the residual heat indicators off using a damp non-abrasive sponge and a microfiber cloth. If stains are encrusted, use suitable non-abrasive products, or washing up liquid mixed with white vinegar.

Induction hobs

The coating of induction hobs is the most fragile and the most sensitive to scratches, which is why the cleaning of the coating must be adapted. Cleaning : Cleaning should be done after each cooking to prevent residues from burning. If the table is lightly soiled, wipe with a damp non-abrasive sponge with or without washing up liquid and wipe with a microfiber cloth. In the event of stubborn stains, use a suitable product. Clean the frame of your table if it has one with clear water with soap. Info : In order to avoid marks never hot clean.