MagSafe wooden accessories : ApplStand Duo and ApplBandBar

Review: MagSafe wooden accessories- Both the ÄpplStand Duo and the ÄpplBändBar able to convince us. MegaSafe offered again good choices for us.

Review: MagSafe wooden accessories- Shortly after Apple introduced “MagSafe” for the new iPhone generation in autumn 2020, the first third-party manufacturers were romping around with creative products on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality and individual stand for your iPhone or Apple Watch, you should be careful now. We have tested the ÄpplStänd Duo and the ÄpplBändBar by Flo’s Holzdesign for you.

Thanks to MagSafe, the iPhone hovers on the charging station

There are now quite a few MagSafe accessories. In addition to many cases, various car mounts and desktop stands are available. The latter should be the focus today. Flo’s wood design is the right place for those who do not feel like having “off the shelf” products . Behind the small shop is Florian Winkelmann, who designs Apple accessory products himself, manufactures them by hand and then sends them to you. We have tested the products with the unusual names, ÄpplStänd Duo and ÄpplBändBar , for you.

A high-quality first impression, MagSafe wooden accessories

As always, we want to start with our first impression . The ÄpplStänd Duo smartphone holder and the ÄpplBändBar are securely packaged and wrapped in friendly paper and delivered to your home. The individual parts are all neatly wrapped and sealed with a sticker. As a result, the oiled pieces of wood do not make any stains, but more on that later. The ÄpplStänd Duo comes with everything except for the two charging cables . The matching MagSafe cable is optionally available in Florian’s shop for a price of 24.99 euros . It’s not an original Apple cable, but it worked just as reliably in our test.

Hard to distinguish: the original from Apple is on the left.

As expected, the first impression of the materials was extremely positive. In our case, the ÄppleStänd Duo is made of oak. Optionally, there is also a cheaper variant made of beech, which is a slightly lighter type of wood . In addition, you can decide before buying whether you want the wood untreated or oiled. The latter is then a little darker, but also more resistant to external influences such as liquids.

The look and feel of our oiled oak makes a lot, as we find it. Of course, design is always a matter of taste, but the round, sanded and solid wood definitely looks and feels right for the price!

The installation is quick of hand . As already mentioned, we recommend that you order the magnetic charger directly from Flo’s Holzdesign, as this is a perfect fit for the ÄpplStänd Duo. The assembly is very easy. You pull the magnetic charging cable through the metal tube and then with the help of a thread through the opening of the wooden block. Then you can press the MagSafe charger into the round wooden puck and put the three parts together, done.

The best way to pull the cable through the opening is with a thin thread

For the installation of the Apple Watch Chargers you must also use your existing charger cable. The assembly is based on exactly the same principle as with the MagSafe charging point just explained. The Apple Watch cable even holds magnetically on the dock. Now the desktop stand is assembled and ready for use. The recess in the middle is also perfect for stowing the artificial decorative plants known from IKEA . If you are interested, you will find the right IKEA Fejka plants here . Of course, you can also put pens or other small utensils in it, because the bottom is lined with soft felt.

The charging speeds are specified as 15 watts. The MagSafe charging point sits firmly in the wood and our iPhone 12 Pro Max has always held up well. Incidentally, USB C is used as the connection for the MagSafe charging cable, so for the maximum charging speed you should use a 20 watt USB C power supply . We recommend the Aukey OMNIA charger that we tested , as it is extremely compact and offers good value for money .

MagSafe wooden accessories- ÄppleStänd Duo: A handcrafted premium desktop stand that is worth the money

Finally, we would like to give you a brief conclusion on our part. All in all, we are very satisfied with the ÄpplStänd Duo by Flo’s Holzdesign. The workmanship and feel are really neat and the assembly worked without any problems. Normally we would criticize the lack of the corresponding charging cable and power supply at the price called. However, since Florian makes his MagSafe stands by hand, we like to overlook this point and find the price to be reasonable. Only the lead through of the cable is a bit fiddly , but normally this only has to be done once.

The ÄpplStänd Duo is a real eye-catcher on the desk

The untreated variant beech gets her already for 39.99 euros. The model from our test, the oiled oak, is priced at 54.99 euros. The matching MagSafe charging cable costs 24.99 euros in Florian’s shop. There are no shipping costs for any of the products. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can also take a look at the normal ÄpplStänd. This is identical, but does not have a charging facility for the Apple Watch. If you want to personalize the chic smartphone holder, you can secure an individual engraving for an extra charge of 5 euros .

A decorative place for all Apple Watch bracelets: The ÄpplBändBar

The ÄpplBändBar is a new addition to Flo’s Holzdesign line-up. Here too, Florian gave free rein to his creativity in finding a name. The product is available in two versions: with charging option for the Apple Watch or without. Here, too, the different types of wood including optional oil treatment are offered again. If you want an engraving, you can of course also get it at the ÄpplBändBar. Here, too, the scope of delivery is limited to the individual parts for assembly. So you have to use  your own Apple Watch charging cable .

With our variant with charging option for the Apple Watch, you thread your charging cable through the dock as described above . Then you put the metal rod in the wooden block and the watch can be charged. From the first to the latest Apple Watch, all models are compatible with the ÄpplBändBar . In addition to the charging option, there are three recesses for your wristbands on the dock. With the watch strap on the Apple Watch, the ÄpplBändBar offers you space for up to four bracelets .

The version without a charging option comes back with a recess , which is suitable for small, everyday things. Here, too, the floor is lined with soft felt. In our test, bracelets made of a wide variety of materials such as leather, rubber and metal found space in the recess. Only massive link bracelets made of stainless steel unfortunately do not quite fit into the respective notch.

Conclusion and price of MagSafe wooden accessories: high quality and handmade iPhone accessories with a reasonable price

Like the ÄpplStand Duo, the ÄpplBändBar was also able to convince us. The dock is suitable for all Apple Watch wearers who often change their wristband and then want to have it at hand quickly. On top of that, the holder looks chic and is well made. In the cheapest variant without loading option with beech wood, you are included with a price of 24.99 euros . Those who opt for the oiled oak model have to dig 10 euros deeper into their pockets. All in all, a really fair price for the workmanship and the quality offered.

Florian himself writes on his website that the products are handmade and that the individual models can therefore easily be distinguished from the images. But that is exactly what makes a unique piece in our opinion. If you want to support Florian and his work, you can find the ÄpplStänd Duo and the ÄpplBändBar on his website Flo’s Holzdesign. Have a look and click your way through the different variations. If you are still interested in other cool products, you are welcome to take a look at these unusual Apple gadgets .