Logitech unveils Circle View Doorbell, a smart doorbell for HomeKit

Logitech unveils a new smart doorbell which is named Circle View Doorbel. It is a smart doorbell that could use via HomeKit

Just before the end of the year, Logitech will release a new smart home product: one smart doorbell called circle view doorbell which it claims is exclusively designed for Apple HomeKit. It is a beautifully designed wired doorbell equipped with a camera and two-way communication.

Logitech Circle View Doorbell

It is the first wired video doorbell developed exclusively for Apple HomeKit, the smart home system from Apple. The smart doorbell uses facial recognition. This smart video doorbell allows users to see those ringing from head to toe from 60 centimeters away.

Smart doorbell works with HomeKit

If we look at the support, this doorbell is specially designed for Apple HomeKit. The smart doorbell therefore works with HomeKit Secure Video. You can therefore include the doorbell in the already created smart home scenarios through this platform.

This could include notifications via a smart speaker (think of the new Apple HomePod Mini) or Apple TV to see who is ringing the doorbell. Since Logitech repeatedly emphasizes that it is exclusively designed for Apple HomeKit, we can write support for, for example, Google Assistant on our stomach.

‘Very welcome addition to Logitech family for home security’

Michele Hermann, Vice President Mobility at Logitech is thrilled: “We couldn’t be more excited to launch the Circle View Doorbell, a very welcome addition to the Logitech home security family and certainly an indispensable addition to your home,” said Hermann at announcement.

“Circle View Doorbell has been carefully designed from the ground up to work exclusively with HomeKit, with all the security features you could want in a smart doorbell and a striking design that will add the finishing touch to your home,” she continues.

Buy Logitech Circle View Doorbell: price and availability

Have you been looking for a wired smart doorbell that works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit equipment for some time? Then you probably have to wait a while: at the time of writing, the doorbell is available in America for a price of $ 199 with self-installation. Do you want to have the doorbell installed? Then you lost $ 299.99.

The release date in the Netherlands, as well as the suggested retail prices, have not yet been announced.