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Link Lidl with Philips Hue – Integration is possible now

Link Lidl with Philips Hue: Lidl smart bulbs are compatible with Philips Hue- Lidl confirm itself that your Lidl Smart Home products can be integrated

Link Lidl with Philips Hue: Lidl recently announced its own smart home range: under the name Lidl Smart we discover various smart lamps, a smart remote control and a smart plug on the shelves of the supermarket. A big advantage of these products: they work with Philips Hue! In this article we explain the advantages of linking Lidl with Philips Hue and we consider the lamps with which this is possible.

From smart plugs to smart lamps: you will soon discover them on Lidl’s shelves or in the special smart home environment on the store chain’s website. The smart lighting in particular seems very interesting, given that they are offered for a low price and are available in different versions.

There are smart LED lamps, various smart ceiling lamps and even smart recessed spotlights. In addition to the low price, there is another huge advantage: the Lidl smart home products are compatible with brands such as Philips Hue and Innr!

Lidl smart bulbs are compatible with Philips Hue

Lidl ‘s smart lighting communicates via Zigbee 3.0, a smart home protocol that brands such as Philips Hue, Innr and Osram also use in their smart lamps. This makes it possible to connect Lidl smart lamps  to these brands, as they communicate on the same frequency.

Thanks to the wireless Zigbee 3.0 standard, your Lidl Smart Home products can easily be integrated into other Zigbee 3.0 compatible systems from different brands and manufacturers, such as Philips Hue and Osram Lightify
– Lidl

It is important to know that you can only make full use of the smart lamps when you have this Lidl Gateway . This is comparable to the Hue bridge and forms a bridge to the WiFi network. Without this bridge, no lamps can be controlled via the application and therefore cannot be linked with other brands.

Why Link Lidl with Philips Hue:?

Before we tell more about which lamps from Lidl you can connect to Philips Hue, we first consider why it is actually interesting to connect Lidl to Philips Hue. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • You can expand your smart lighting plan in an advantageous way: suppose you already have Philips Hue lamps, but are not waiting for even more high costs, then you can expand cheaply with the Lidl lamps.
  • You can control all lamps centrally in one application: nobody is waiting to operate different smart lamps in various applications. By merging the lights with those from Philips Hue, you can control them in one place.
  • You can include Lidl lamps in Philips Hue scenes: of course you can also include the new Lidl lamps in existing Hue scenes in the Philips Hue app.

It can of course also be useful in the field of Christmas gifts. Suppose you find a Lidl smart lamp under the Christmas tree and you normally only have Philips Hue lamps in your smart home, you can still use them. And yes, it is of course also useful as a gift, since you do not have to take into account the favorite smart home brands of the person in question.

By the way, a nice extra point: Lidl has smart Christmas tree lighting , something Philips Hue does not have. This way you can expand your Philips Hue lighting plan with Lidl during Christmas.

You can all connect these Lidl smart lamps with Philips Hue

As we mentioned earlier, Lidl offers different types of smart lamps. If you go shopping in the store or in the Lidl webshop, make sure that you are dealing with a smart variant. Because yes, Lidl of course still offers the classic lamps in its stores.

We have made an overview of all Lidl smart lamps:

  • Lidl RGB LED lamps: these smart lamps can shine in 16 million colors and white lights . They are available in various fitting sizes.
  • Lidl LED lamps: there are also lamps that can only be dimmed and set in different light strengths. These lamps cannot shine in different colors.
  • Lidl smart ceiling lamps: various smart ceiling lamps can be found on Lidl’s shelves. There is a dish variant , but you also discover a beautiful fixture with three LED lamps in it.
  • Lidl smart recessed spotlights: there are even smart recessed spotlights on the shelves of the retail chain. These smart spots can shine in many different colors, just like the RGB LED variants.

And yes: just like with Philips Hue, we discover a smart plug at Lidl. With this smart plug you can still include lamps with a special fixture in your smart lighting plan. Think of a desk lamp that you also want to activate in a Philips Hue scene, but cannot be equipped with a smart lamp. Curious about what these lamps can do? Check out the Lidl video below: