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Lidl Smart outdoor lighting

Lidl Smart outdoor lighting : Lidl introduced new range of outdoor lighing that include wall lamps, spotlights, mood lamps and others.

In addition to smart plugs, smart lamps for the home and, among other things, smart Christmas tree lighting, Lidl is now introducing new smart home products: smart outdoor lighting. The smart outdoor lamps consist of different fixtures: from wall lamps to spotlights for in the ground.

Lidl Smart outdoor lighting

In total, Lidl is announcing about five types of smart outdoor lamps. The smart lamps work via smart home protocol Zigbee, where the Lidl Gateway a required smart home hub is to take full advantage of the smart lighting.

Let’s briefly list Lidl’s new smart outdoor lighting.

Lidl smart wall lamps for outside

First of all, Lidl will expand its smart home range with smart outdoor wall lights. These wall lamps can shine in millions of colors, just like Philips Hue fixtures. There is a choice of three different versions: two round variants and a square variant.

The lidl smart wall lamps for outside should cost € 39.99.

Lidl smart outdoor spotlights

The supermarket chain is also announcing smart outdoor spotlights. These spots – called RGB LED garden lamps – can shine light in different colors, just like the smart wall lamps. The spots are adjustable in height and cost 39 euros each.

Lidl RGB LED mood lamps

Lidl also comes with an RGB LED mood lamp in a bar version. This LED bar costs 29.99 euros each, with a choice of a black or a white housing. Just what fits nicely in your garden, of course.

Lidl is also introducing a portable version. Not a round as we know it from the Philips Hue Go, but a somewhat squarer model. This portable smart outdoor lamp costs € 34.99 each.

Smart LED strip for outside

Finally, Lidl again announces a smart LED strip, but then for outdoors. This smart LED lighting band, as Lidl calls it, costs 29.99 euros each. It is two meters long, so you can use it to brighten up an outside wall.

In addition to smart lamps, Lidl also announced a smart heater with WiFi. Read more about the Lidl smart fan heater.

Smart lighting from Lidl

Want to know more about Lidl’s smart lighting? Earlier we wrote an extensive article about smart lamps from Lidl. We also highlighted the possibilities within a smart home with Philips Hue lamps: find out how Link Lidl with Philips Hue can.

The new smart outdoor lamps from Lidl will be on the shelves from 27 January and can be found in the webshop.