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Lidl Smart Home range expands with garden lighting and heater

Lidl Smart Home range expands with garden lighting and heater. Lidl’s new products will be in stores from January 27.

Lidl Smart Home range expands as it offered garden lighting and heater now while previously it was well known for its home lights and decorations

The Lidl Smart Home range consists of products that use the ZigBee protocol for wireless communication. This standard is more stable and secure than WiFi but does require a hub. In our comprehensive Lidl Smart Home review you can read all about the operation, quality and possibilities.

New Lidl Smart Home lighting

Lidl is now communicating in its own stores with new products that will complement the Smart Home range at the end of this month. Various smart products must be for sale from 27 January. For example, there will be a garden lighting series with fixtures, consisting of wall lamps and spotlights that have to be placed in the ground. The wall lamps come in different designs and can be purchased for 39.99 euros each. The spots cost 39 euros each and are adjustable in height.

Lidl also brings an RGB LED mood lamp (an LED bar) on the market for 29.99 euros. There is a white and a black version. And if you are looking for a LED lamp comparable to the Hue Go that also works on a battery, the RGB LED lamp, which costs 34.99 euros, is interesting. The lamp is portable and has a size of 18 x 15 x 8 centimeters. Finally, in the field of lighting, a 2-meter LED strip has also been added to the range.

For the lighting, everything can be used with Lidl’s ZigBee hub itself or with hubs from other parties that use ZigBee, including Philips Hue.

Smart fan heater

A striking new product in Lidl’s Smart Home range is the ceramic fan heater. This device does not work through ZigBee but via WiFi. You can still control the stove via the Lidl Smart Home app, but a different protocol is used. HEMA, Kruidvat and Action, among others, use WiFi for communication between and with the devices. The fan heater can therefore also be used without a ZigBee hub.

The heater has two settings: 1,200 Watt and 1,800 Watt. According to Lidl, a room must be able to be properly heated during the cold winter months.

From January 27

Lidl’s new products must be in stores from January 27. It is not yet clear whether all products are also sold via the chain’s website.