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JBL CLUB 950NC : Professional JBL Pro sound for on the go

Review: JBL CLUB 950NC are successful headphones for everyday use and impress with their individually adjustable sound.

JBL is launching the JBL CLUB premium headphone series with three new on- and over-ear models. Ideal headphones should therefore be available for every area of ​​life. We are talking more precisely about the models JBL CLUB ONE, JBL CLUB 950NC and JBL CLUB 700BT. We have put the JBL CLUB 950NC under the microscope for you and would like to report on our everyday experiences. In particular, we go into the look, the handling and of course the sound.

The decision between Over EAR, EAR or On Ear Buds we can you not lose weight, but we wish you the best advice before your purchase of the new Over Ear Headphone CLUB 950NC from JBL. We have already mentioned in the introductory words what we pay attention to when testing the Bluetooth headphones . We would now like to start with the scope of delivery.

JBL CLUB 950NC – scope of delivery & first impression of the headphones

The CLUB headphones are delivered in a JBL-stylish packaging, which simply shows the headphones on the front, but throws information about the product inside. Even before unpacking, you know what sound miracle you might be dealing with. In addition to the CLUB 950NC over-ear headphones, the box contains an  aux-in cable with remote control and microphone , as well as a USB-C cable to recharge the headphones – a user manual is also on board.

One last item when revealing the scope of delivery is the hard shell case , which should not go unmentioned. This is the first haptic feedback you get after opening the box and is therefore very important. JBL really does everything right here and shows with its matt black case, which really fits the CLUB headphones, that they have understood the “game”. Because music has to be fun – including the feel. The zipper is a little harder to move than you might be used to, but that underlines the robustness of the case and lets the premium headphones know in a safe environment. By the way, the lid of the box and the inside of the case are appropriately padded.

The JBL CLUB 950NC is quick to unpack . Now our hands make contact with the headphones for the first time and a high-quality impression is not slowly created . Not least because of the comparatively high weight of 370 grams . The materials play well together. The auricles made of soft synthetic leather lie comfortably on the ears or surround them with ideal contact pressure . So even after longer use of over 4 hours there was no annoying feeling on the ear or around it.

Operation of the JBL CLUB headphones – including the app!

The left auricle switches the JBL CLUB 950NC on and off and also provides a Bluetooth button, for example to connect to new devices (max. 2 devices at the same time). The left shell can also be pressed and activates the voice assistant , which is then available as usual on a smartphone. The last button activates functions such as Ambient Aware or TalkThru mode . With the help of the built-in microphones, it is possible to speak to people or not to overhear the honking cars in traffic while the headphones are on. A longer press of the button activates and deactivates the noise canceling mode – more on that later.

The right auricle of the CLUB headphones is used to actually control the music playback and allows the volume to be adjusted and the songs to be changed. The middle button also has a play-pause function and can answer calls. The voice quality is really very good, by the way. You can hear the other person’s voice clearly and clearly, and your own voice is detailed and clear to the person you are speaking to. A button on the right side below activates a bass mode that can really be heard. A clear difference for bass lovers!

And what about the app now? – My JBL Headphones

The “ My JBL Headphones ” app plays a very special role in the JBL CLUB 950NC and can be used to change the sound profile of the headphones . So you can hear your music with the profile of Armin van Buuren or Sunnery James . JBL has also given its app an equalizer function. In this way, the headphones are quickly adapted to your own audiophile needs. The Ambient Aware or TalkThru mode can also be activated via the app.

CLUB 950NC and the sound – individual!

Anyone who expects a detailed description of the sound profile must be disappointed, because there is no fixed profile here. Because the headphones can be individually adjusted, it is only clear from the membrane data at which level the CLUB 950NC headphones are playing. The passive frequency range of the 40mm membranes is 16 Hz to 40 kHz – the headphones still manage 22 Hz actively. The sensitivity is 91 dB SPL at 1 kHz / 1 mW; the sound pressure level hums at 105 dB. The impedance is a strong 32 ohms !

For our taste, the 950NC have turned out to be a real sound miracle. Bass-heavy music in the areas of hip hop, dance, house and deep house were a real treat. But the headphones can also do classical music and oldies . The personal sound profile was found quickly, but the headphones also play in great detail and richly from the factory. The powerful bass doesn’t overdrive in the ear and is often accompanied by fine highs and mids. The resolution is excellent and the sound profile is very balanced ex works – even at high volume.

A lot of power, great sound and the battery life falls by the wayside – no!

Anyone who thinks that the battery life suffers from the excellent sound of the CLUB headphones is mistaken. JBL specifies a total of 55 hours for the CLUB 950NC – with noise canceling deactivated. 22 hours with activated NC . We have tested as best we can and with the NC partially activated, we achieved almost 30-32 hours – an estimated, but quite realistic value. It feels like the USB-C cable can stay at home; However, should it be used, the headphones are fully charged again in under two hours. Great values ​​for everyday use!

The Bluetooth connection was always excellent and the transmission quality was really good. The TalkThru mode works great and doesn’t want to be measured by us anymore. The headphones remain on the head even longer; No more annoying losing weight if your friend or someone on the street should approach you again. The comfortable fit on the head and around the ears is also worth mentioning . The JBL CLUB 950NC is actually the first over-ear headphones that do not leave us with any unpleasant pressure points even after 4-5 hours of use – thanks for that! Even compared to Bluetooth headphones in general, it is right at the top.

Conclusion on the CLUB headphones

The JBL Club 950NC are successful headphones for everyday use and impress with their individually adjustable sound . So there is something for everyone. The powerful bass is just fun – the price-performance ratio is right. The additional functions such as noise canceling and the transparency function are amazingly accurate; only with the NC do you perceive a slight background noise , which is no longer audible when playing music. We would also like to criticize the proud weight. The headphones want to make up for this point of criticism with their comfortable seat and soft synthetic leather upholstery , and they do it!

The battery life is excellent and one of the best in its class. The scope of delivery offers everything that is necessary for unrestricted operation, including a practical hard case for safe transport in a backpack . The case is also kept very compact and hugs the headphones very closely. This saves space in the backpack and keeps the CLUB headphones safe. All in all, the CLUB 950NC really convinced us, we also love the USB-C cable, which is now finally becoming standard with other manufacturers. The headphones are available for around 240 euros.