Jailbreak HomePod available: Speaker cracked for the first time

Jailbreak is not a new concept for Apple users and now it is revealed that HomePod has cracked and from now on Jailbreak Homepod available.

HomePod cracked: Jailbreak Homepod available

It is not a new concept for iPhone and iPad users: the jailbreak. Jailbreaks allow users to access parts of the system that are normally inaccessible. Apple is of course not happy with this and always reports that when an owner does this, he can whistle for his warranty. The HomePod, the company’s first smart speaker, has not been cracked to date.

The system, which runs on some version of the tvOS, can be thrown open through a Checkra1n update. This only applies to the first generation of HomePods. Checkra1n is one of the most popular tools when it comes to jailbreaking iOS devices. But from now on you can also use it to break open the smart speaker of the Cupertino company as Jailbreak HomePod available now.

On iOS it is possible to adjust parts of the operating system, if you like that. It is not yet clear what exactly owners of a HomePod can achieve with the cracked version. The potential exists that you can now also set other voice assistants and music streaming services as default on the speaker, but that is speculation on our part.

We are now waiting for an answer from Apple. We are also still waiting for a response from the community responsible for hacking the device, so that they may be able to provide more context about the new possibilities. For example, you could possibly also open up the bluetooth connection and use the speaker as a separate bluetooth speaker with other smartphones and computers.

Recently Apple also announced the HomePod Mini, a smaller version of the smart speaker. At the time of writing, the jailbreak cannot be used on the Mini, but only on the old version.