iPhone XS Max – everything about this large 6.5-inch iPhone

iPhone XS Max - This article will explain everything you want to know about iPhone XS Max, a large 6.5-inch iPhone.

The iPhone XS Max is the largest iPhone that Apple released in 2018, as the successor to the iPhone X. With a 6.5-inch OLED screen and narrower screen edges, this is the top model of 2018. In this overview you can read all about the iPhone XS Max pricing, improvements and availability.

iPhone XS Max: Everything You Want to Know

Apple released a supersized iPhone, the XS Max, in 2018. This iPhone with 6.5-inch screen is the successor to the iPhone X, but it still contains various innovations that we discuss in this article. There is also a 5.8-inch version called the XS . Both have a faster A12 chip, an improved camera and dual SIM. Below we walk you through the most important improvements. In the meantime, a successor has been released. You can read everything about the iPhone 11 Pro Max subscriptions and more in a separate article.

iPhone XS Max in short

These are the iPhone XS Max features:

  • Largest iPhone ever with 6.5-inch OLED screen .
  • Many internal improvements such as a fast A12 chip .
  • Storage of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB .
  • Unlock with Face ID .
  • Official suggested retail price in the Apple Store was from $ 1,259 (no longer available)


These were the official Dutch iPhone XS Max prices :

  • XS Max 64GB price : € 1259, –
  • XS Max 256GB price : € 1429, –
  • XS Max 512GB price : € 1659, –

The iPhone XS Max is still available. These are the prices for the entry-level model with 64GB storage:

  • Space Gray
  • Silver
  • gold

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You can also purchase this device with a subscription:

XS Max: 5 major new features

The XS Max has received quite a few innovations compared to the iPhone X. The size alone with the larger screen provides all kinds of improvements, such as a longer battery life.

Below we list the most important iPhone XS Max improvements for you:

# 1 Design and screen

As the name implies, the XS Max is a larger version of the  XS . Apple has opted for a virtually borderless device with a notch at the top.

The housing is the same size as the existing iPhone 8 Plus , but the device is slightly thicker and shorter. The iPhone XS Max has the same glass back and a steel border around the screen, in the color of the housing. You can choose from space gray, silver and gold.

You buy the iPhone XS Max mainly because of the large screen. The borderless Super Retina screen has a resolution of 2688 by 1242 pixels and is ideal for people who watch a lot of films and series.

These are the XS Max screen specifications:

  • 6.5 ″ Super Retina OLED
  • 2688 x 1242 pixels
  • 3.3 million pixels
  • 458 ppi
  • Support for Dolby Vision and HDR10

# 2 Fast A12 Bionic chip

The XS Max is not only the largest, but also the fastest iPhone made to date. Apple is also the first manufacturer to switch to the 7-nanometer architecture, which ensures that the processor is smaller, faster and more energy-efficient. The larger battery in the device makes an extra contribution to the longer battery life. The jump from 3GB to 4GB RAM makes everything run even smoother.

The A12 Bionic processor contains a completely renewed Neural Engine, which, among other things, ensures that Face ID works much faster. The Neural Engine also comes into action in other areas for smart tasks such as taking more beautiful portrait photos with depth effect. The power of the A12 also proves itself in the longer term, because this device is designed to last for years. You can also expect updates in the next five years and Apple also takes into account that such a device can change owners several times.

# 3 Improved camera with Smart HDR

With the camera in the XS Max, almost everything works by itself. Apple has tried to incorporate the capabilities of a professional camera, but in a way that everyone can understand. So you don’t need to know anything about f-stops and apertures, but you are able to take photos that always succeed. This is particularly evident from the Smart HDR function: a series of photos with different lighting is taken in a short time, which are analyzed at lightning speed and merged into the best possible photo. You do not have to do anything yourself, it all happens automatically.

Also special is that you can adjust the depth of field of a photo. You decide how blurry the background will be. With a DSLR you have to do this manually. For example, with the XS Max, Apple makes it possible to take professional-looking photos, without having to have knowledge of the technology. You can record videos in 4K, where you can now also record stereo sound.

 4 Dualsim for travelers

The XS Max has dual SIM, so you can use two mobile data and calling bundles without having to change the SIM card. This is especially useful if you often travel abroad, for example in Germany or Spain. In these countries you will find providers that already support the eSIM. This is not yet the case in the Netherlands and Belgium, but you can, for example, put a normal Dutch SIM card in the device and use the eSIM for a foreign provider of a country where you often visit. You can then easily switch between the two SIM cards. We explain how this works in our article about using dualsim on the iPhone .

# 5 Longer battery life

An important reason to choose a larger device is that the battery life is also much longer. The XS Max is a half hour longer than the iPhone X . Of course, fast charging is supported. We tested this in our iPhone XS Max review and it turned out that you can recharge the battery to 70% in an hour if you use a standard 10 Watt iPad adapter. If you choose a MacBook USB-C adapter, it will go much faster.

iPhone XS Max price and availability

The XS Max is available from € 1259 from Apple, the Dutch and Belgian providers and the usual sales outlets. The first aircraft were delivered on September 21. For the iPhone XS Max subscriptions, also view our special page or check whether a separate iPhone XS Max with sim-only is something for you.

iPhone XS Max alternatives

Still unsure about the XS Max? Do you think the large format is inconvenient or you don’t know if you will use all the new functions?

Then these three iPhone XS Max alternatives might suit your needs better:

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS is the smaller version of the iPhone XS Max and is therefore 100 euros cheaper. This more compact device will be a better choice for many people. Moreover, you will find the same functions, such as the same dual camera and very fast processor. In our iPhone XS review you can read about our experiences with this smaller device.

iPhone X

Do you doubt whether you have all the functions of the this device, you could also opt for its predecessor, the iPhone X . This one has the same look and also has Face ID and wireless charging . Because the price of the iPhone X has now dropped by more than two hundred euros, it can be an interesting alternative. Apple no longer sells the iPhone X, but you will still find this device various other providers.

iPhone XR

If you like all the innovations in the XS Max and you want a large screen, you could also look at the iPhone XR . In terms of screen size, this is exactly between the XS and the XS Max. This colorful device contains many functions from the top devices, but is three hundred euros cheaper. The single rear camera is advanced enough to take portraits. The iPhone XR is available in multiple colors and will be in stores at the end of October 2018.