iPhone XS → all about the 5.8 ″ iPhone with OLED display

The iPhone XS is based on the existing iPhone X,but contains all kinds of innovations.For example, the A12chip has become faster and improved camera

The iPhone XS is Apple’s top device with a 5.8-inch screen from 2018. What are the specs of the iPhone XS? What are the improvements and what about price, availability and options? We’ll catch up on everything you want to know.

Everything You Need to Know

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are Apple’s latest top devices for 2018. It is based on the existing iPhone X , but contains all kinds of innovations. For example, the A12 chip has become faster and smarter, the camera has been improved on many points and it now has a dual sim function. Below we walk you through the most important improvements.

In short

These are the main features:

  • Based on the iPhone X with many internal improvements
  • 5.8-inch OLED display with HDR and wide color gamut
  • New parts such as A12 chip with Neural Engine
  • Greatly improved camera with Smart HDR
  • Choose from 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage
  • Unlock with Face ID , no more home button
  • Official price from € 1159


We have extensively tested and is our conclusion:

The iPhone XS is a top device and you notice that in everything: not only the price, but also the finish, the performance and the way in which everything is seamlessly coordinated. The second version of a product is always better and that also applies to this iPhone XS: we see a lot of innovations from the iPhone X , which have now been further refined. If you skipped the iPhone X because of all the novelties, you will now find all the improvements, plus a little more. We are particularly impressed by the camera and the speed of everyday operations, such as unlocking your device with Face ID. If you are looking for a sustainably produced iPhone that will last, respect your privacy, and take photos that you don’t have to think about, then the iPhone XS is for you.

iPhone XS video

What are the 5 major improvements?

It looks the same as its predecessor. The improvements are therefore mainly on the inside, so that there is really a completely new device.

We list the most important innovations for you below:

  • Screen and design
  • A12 Bionic chip
  • Camera with Smart HDR
  • Improved portrait mode
  • Dualsim

#Screen and design

At first glance, it has the same appearance and size as the iPhone X, but is now available in three colors: space gray, silver and gold. The gold color is new in 2018. Also new is that Apple is releasing a larger version with 6.5-inch screen under the name iPhone XS Max . There is no Touch ID button under the screen, but the device uses Face ID to unlock. At the bottom you will also find the Lightning connection and the speaker holes. Other details such as the notch and the placement of the buttons are comparable to the X. The biggest improvements are also inside and thanks to the IP68 rating, this device is even more water resistant.

These are the screen specs:

  • 5.8 ″ Super Retina OLED
  • 2436 x 1125 pixels
  • 2.7 million pixels
  • 458 ppi
  • Support for Dolby Vision and HDR10

# 2 Improved performance due to A12 Bionic chip

Every year Apple improves the processor in the latest iPhones . The brand new A12 chip is smaller, faster and more energy efficient thanks to the 7-nanometer design. Apple is the first manufacturer to put 7-nanometer chips in a smartphone. The A12 Bionic also works with a 50% faster GPU (graphics processor), an improved ISP (Image Signal Processor) for better pictures and a Neural Engine that can perform 5 trillion operations per second. This means that the A12 is also prepared for the future. The iPhone XS is actually too powerful for many daily tasks, but in a few years you will benefit from the fact that this device can easily keep up with everything.

Apple A12

# 3 Better Camera with Smart HDR

Apple improves the camera every year. At the back you will find a wide-angle and telephoto camera, still 12-megapixel but now both with image stabilization. The new Smart HDR is special. With this, photos with many light-dark contrasts come into their own even better. the iPhone XS camera takes several photos in quick succession that are over- and underexposed. By combining them you get the best possible photo, where a lot of detail is still visible in the shadow. The iPhone chooses the best elements from all the images it takes. There is a lot of computing power involved, hence the powerful A12 chip with Neural Engine. Taking beautiful photos with the iPhone XS is therefore even more accessible, because you don’t need third-party apps and you don’t have to adjust the settings yourself. You will only find Smart HDR on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max .

# 4 Adjustable depth of field effect for portraits

Also only on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: adjusting the depth of field effect on photos. After taking the photo you can adjust the so-called f-stop. This way you can make the object in the foreground stand out by making the background more blurred. If you don’t want the background to be blurred that much, you can adjust it manually afterwards. iOS 12.1 improves this even further, as it allows you to experiment with depth of field before taking the photo. Apple has further improved the portrait mode on the iPhone XS. With most other smartphones, a separation is only made between foreground and background, so that you quickly get a ‘cut out’ effect. The iPhone XS shoots a much larger series of images at different distances, so that hairs on the back of your head are more blurred than hairs in the front

# 5 First iPhone with dualsim

It is the first iPhone with dual sim. For this you are dependent on your provider, because it must support the eSIM in the device. In the Netherlands and Belgium there are no providers that offer this yet. If you often go abroad (for example Germany or Spain), you can benefit from it because you can easily switch between the two SIM cards. The physical SIM card is from your national provider and you put a subscription from the foreign operator on the eSIM.

iPhone XS price and availability

It is available from € 1159 from Apple, the Dutch and Belgian providers and the usual sales outlets. The first aircraft were delivered on September 21. For the subscriptions, also check our special page or see if a separate Phone with SIM-only is something for you.


Do you still have doubts ? Do you hate the price or not sure if you need all the new features?

Maybe these three iPhone XS alternatives will suit your needs better:

  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is the largest iPhone at the moment. If you have had an iPhone Plus model before, the size of the iPhone XS Max will immediately appeal to you. However, you have a much larger 6.5-inch OLED screen than you were used to. In comparison to the iPhone XS is considerably larger screen, but internally you can find the same processor, camera and XS features. However, the battery of the Max lasts longer. In our iPhone XS Max review you can read what we think of this larger device.

iPhone X

The iPhone X is the predecessor of the iPhone XS and therefore has the same appearance. The price of the iPhone X has now fallen by more than two hundred euros, making it an interesting alternative. You get the same design, a 5.8-inch screen and Face ID . The A11 chip is fast enough for all applications. Apple no longer sells the iPhone X , but you can still find this device at providers.

iPhone XR

Do you love all the innovations in the iPhone XS but can’t get excited about the price tag? Then the iPhone XR is a good alternative. This brand new device from 2018 contains many functions that you will also find in the iPhone XS, but it is three hundred euros cheaper. That’s because Apple has opted for a slightly cheaper screen technology and a single camera, which, incidentally, can take portraits. The iPhone XR is available in multiple colors and will be in stores at the end of October 2018.

iPhone XS runs on iOS 12 by default

It comes standard with iOS 12 , in which Apple has mainly focused on improving performance. There are also new functions such as Screen Time , Memoji and more insight into your battery usage .