iPhone 12 Pro Max – our first impressions

This article is about iPhone 12 Pro Max first impressions. All in all we love everything of this model apart from price that is bit higher.

iPhone 12 Pro Max it is probably the least purchased one iPhone from series 12. This is because it is the most expensive and because it is the largest. This time the screen has grown to a size of 6.7 inches. iPhone 12 Pro Max it can also sell a bit worse than last year’s giant 11 Pro Max because, unfortunately, it does not differ much from it. In addition to the already mentioned larger screen, we have 5G, 2.5X optical magnification (previously 2X) and a not very useful LiDAR scanner. In Poland, 5G in the new iPhone it will work in all cellular networks, but as you know, the range of the five is island-wide, and the speeds are not close to 1 or 10 Gbps. The LiDAR scanner is also an interesting technology, but so far its usefulness is low. From additional changes, we can also mention the new-old design, the Ceramic Shield layer on the front of the case, the new A14 Bionic processor (even faster) and a new color – the night green is now replaced by the Pacific color. The only difference that warms the minds of mobile photographers is that it’s brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max is to support the standard Apple Pro RAW (yet it is not known when this will happen). So let’s see if it’s worth thinking about migrating from 11 Pro Max this 12 Pro Max. This issue, of course, does not concern the so-called “Real fans”. On Friday, couriers with parcels for which they paid about PLN 6,000 will arrive at their homes. A group of “savers” will receive packages with a new one on the same day iPhone 12 Mini which is the only real novelty in the smartphone portfolio Apple.

How do we rate design? 

The design of this year’s series iPhones refers to smartphones Apple from the past. The angular edges are back. Still too iPhone it has the largest notch and a very wide frame around the screen. The phone has grown slightly compared to 11 Pro Max. The reason is the size of the larger screen diagonal. The island with cameras has grown noticeably. Its design is identical to the year before, but now the lens apertures are larger and the familiar iPads LiDAR. The shape of all side buttons has changed a lot – they look lovely, but probably a little less comfortable. There is still no USB-C port at the bottom of the phone. The bigger disadvantage, however, is that Apple he did not install a fingerprint reader in the power button. Unlocking iPhone wearing a mask is a real ordeal.

What do we think about the display? 

Display iPhone 12 Pro Max it’s hard to judge because on the one hand it’s a gorgeous OLED with great colors and excellent touch support, and on the other hand it’s a display with a huge cutout at the top and thick bezels. Fans of high refresh rates may also feel disappointed. Users iPhone They probably got used to the big notch, so this time they can enjoy the fact that the screen is simply bigger – the Super Retina XDR is 6.7 inches. As a result, its resolution is slightly higher, but the pixel density remains unchanged at 458 ppi. The screen supports HDR, and the True Tone technology is responsible for automatic color correction depending on the external light. At night, the night shift can warm the displayed colors to save our eyes. We can adjust the level of these changes ourselves in the menu.

The screen is protected with a Ceramic Shield layer – it is supposed to better protect the screen against breaking, but most people dream about having a new iPhone was less prone to micro scratches. I will check if it is better than the year before and add this information here. My iPhone 11 Pro Max this year of use without the case has a very scratched screen.

Specification and operating system – assessment 6

iPhone 12 Pro Max compared to last year’s flagship Apple It stands out above all with support for 5G technology. The twelve also includes the new A14 processor, but its previous edition already ensured an amazing smoothness of operation. Only in the 12 series we find support for MagSafe magnetic chargers. A year earlier, we were able to use the iPhone with fast LTE, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth version 5. For a year iPhone it can also play HDR video with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. In this year’s edition, we did not see USB-C and the return of the fingerprint reader. We have a LiDAR scanner for the first time (known from iPads), which helps with portrait mode in the camera but also in AR applications. The smartphones of both editions work under the control of the same version of the system, so we will not find any differences here either. The new system itself (iOS 14) is distinguished above all by the fact that we can also place widgets on desktops with icons. RAW support will appear in version 14.3.

What photos does he take and what films does he record?

New iPhone 12 Pro Max has an almost identical set of cameras as its predecessor. They are still three cameras with 12 MP matrices. This doesn’t mean that nothing has changed, but unfortunately it does mean that little has changed. The main novelty is matrix stabilization in the main camera. Its lens is slightly brighter and the matrix much larger (by 47%). The number of pixels has not changed, but they are now larger. In theory, this is supposed to translate into better photos with less light falling into the lens (by as much as 87%), but the theory ends there. The second change is a greater magnification in the tele lens – now it is 2.5X (in 11 Pro Max is 2X). As a result, however, the tele lens is a bit darker. The video featured 4K 60fps with HDR and Dolby Vision. iPhone 12 Pro Max will become a more powerful tool for mobile photography once it has support for saving to Apple ProRAW. RAW will allow you to conveniently extract additional information from the photo, which we will care about. Of course, editing will require software and time, but advanced photo fans (myself included) will love it anyway.

As for the quality of photos, their assessment is quite simple. When it is bright, all lenses take beautiful photos – detailed, with beautiful colors and wonderful, but not exaggerated HDR (in the HDR 3 version). When it’s dark, the main camera takes good photos. The ultra and tele cameras, despite the night mode support, give us a lot of noise and the effect of their operation resembles a digital cutting of a fragment of a photo from a large matrix. These photos don’t look bad on the screen iPhonebut when we send them to the computer, the spell is broken. Small matrices of flagship smartphones are getting better (because they are supported by better and better software), but they are still a bit lacking miracles. As for the quality of video recordings, so far I have checked the recording during the day and as usual in the case iPhones the effect is brilliant, although you should remember that you need a fairly powerful computer to play 4K 60 fps content. On the so-called Casio video calculator with iPhone it won’t be smooth.

Sample pictures:

How long does the battery last? 

If the battery is the most important for us in the smartphone, and the price of the smartphone does not matter iPhone 12 Pro Max, like last year’s version, is one of the best choices on the market. The smartphone will not let us down and will not discharge in one day, even with very, very intensive use. Remember that when 12 Pro Max is our first smartphone, there is no power supply in its box. There is only a USB-C cable – lightning. When choosing a charger, it is worth getting the latest version with 20W charging. Me mine Pro Max charges with the cheapest wireless charger from Ikea. When we want faster wireless charging, we have to reckon with the next expense and the purchase of a MagSafe magnetic charger. She will charge our smartphone with a power of 15W.

Our final assessment

New iPhone 12 Pro Max it’s a workhorse – there are no fountains known from other flagships this year – e.g. super-fast charging and a screen with very high refreshment. It has huge frames and a large notch, and we already know its design from iPhones from a few years ago. His camera is really no different from the one we already know from iPhone 11 Pro Max. New iPhone in version Pro Max it is still heavy and bulky, as expensive as a hell, but as a phone to serve us all day long and offer a huge number of incredibly polished services it is still second to none. iPhone 12 Pro Max it is still the best smartphone for the most demanding smartphone users. After using Apple Pay, with CarPlay, with AirDrop and after watching the video recordings from the camera, we will know what the secret of the iPhone is. And this is just a microscopic fragment of the whole cake of ecosystem advantages Apple. iPhone it is also the safest smartphone, which is becoming more and more important when smartphones are our wallets and databases of various types. It is also subjectively the fastest smartphone that they can only match OnePlusy with Android and probably the fastest flagships Samsung and Xiaomi. iPhone 12 Pro Max For sure, it will not disappoint us for 2 years after the purchase, although our wallet, or rather bank account, will hate it for the next many weeks.

The main advantages and disadvantages iPhone 12 Pro Max

Advantages iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • Support for Apple ProRAW (in a few days or weeks)
  • A huge screen of very good quality
  • IOS 14 operating system
  • Smooth operation
  • IP68
  • A huge number of very good system applications
  • A huge number of very good outdoor applications
  • The wide-angle lens is brighter than the year before
  • HDR 3 for photos
  • HDR with Dolby Vision 4K 60 fps
  • Very good video stabilization
  • eSIM
  • support for additional services: FaceTime, AirDrop, AirPlay, Car Play, Digital Key
  • Dolby Atmos
  • HDR10
  • LiDAR scanner
  • Wide-angle lens matrix stabilization
  • MagSafe wireless charging
  • Mobile payments Apple Pay
  • Cooperation with Apple Watch
  • Good selfie quality
  • 5G (sub ‑ 6 GHz)
  • Gigabit LTE with 4×4 MIMO and LAA technology
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) with 2×2 MIMO technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • An ultra-wideband chip that orientates the device in space
  • Great quality of stereo speakers
  • Access to the service package Apple One
  • Great data migration from previous iOS phone
  • Access to a secure cloud backup (paid)
  • The new Ocean Blue color is very nice
  • The smartphone only sways gently on flat surfaces
  • Great cooperation with AirPods headphones
  • Larger matrix in the camera than in the model from last year (the same number of pixels, but larger)

Disadvantages iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • The telephoto lens is darker than the year before
  • Charging only with 20W
  • No USB-C
  • Excessive price
  • Big sizes
  • Big weight of 226 g
  • FaceID in the age of masks does not work well
  • No fingerprint reader
  • No faster screen refresh
  • Poor Siri voice assistant
  • Side edges prone to scratching
  • Charger not included
  • Large frames around the screen
  • Big notch
  • Poor quality of night photos from ultra and tele lenses

Who is it for iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • Devotees iPhones
  • Ecosystem fans Apple
  • Fans of the biggest smartphones
  • The richest
  • Fans of mobile photography and video

For whom it is not iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • Economical
  • Fans of neat, light devices
  • Android fans
  • Users iPhone 11 Pro Max (too few significant differences)