iPadOS 14: Everything about the big 2020 iPad update

iPadOS 14 brings new features to your iPad. This article will tell you every possible aspect of new features introduced by Apple.

iPadOS 14 brings new features to your iPad. The update includes several improvements, including new features for Safari, multitasking and many other new things. You should know this about iPadOS 14.

iPadOS 14 contains almost all the new features that you will also find in iOS 14 , but with some iPad-specific improvements.

iPadOS 14 in short

Below are the most important for iPadOS 14 in a row:

  • Latest update for the iPad
  • iPadOS 14 includes many improvements found in iOS 14 , such as a smaller phone and Siri interface
  • New functions especially for the iPad , such as better display for apps
  • Suitable for all iPads already on iOS 13 run

New features in iPadOS 14

These are the main improvements in iPad OS 14:

Widgets in iPadOS 14

Also in iPadOS 14 you will find new and improved widgets , but unfortunately the possibilities are somewhat limited. You can only use them in the sidebar and not on the home screen. That is possible on the iPhone .

Custom app design for iPad

The apps are specially optimized for the iPad in iPadOS . The Photos app, for example, has a new sidebar, as you know from the desktop. Think of the sidebar of the Finder. There is a new button at the top left, which you can use to toggle the new sidebar on and off. You can also find this sidebar in Notes and Files.

Some apps also have a new view, which you can easily switch with a button. The Music app lets you quickly switch between views and items in the app with the sidebar. The music player is now full screen, with live lyrics on the right.

More compact view for calling and Siri

Siri and calling display has been improved. The screens no longer block the entire screen, but a smaller band appears at the top or bottom of the screen, as shown in the image below. This also works with third-party apps.

Improved search function on iPad

Search is now universal and is much more like Spotlight on the Mac . You can immediately start typing and launch apps, search the web or consult even more useful things. As you type in searches, you will already receive suggestions. With this more compact search function you can keep the current app in view.

Scribble and other Apple Pencil improvements

Apple has added all kinds of improvements for the Apple Pencil. There is the Scribble handwriting recognition. You can just write in a text box and the iPad will automatically convert the written text to typed text.

It works in multiple languages. If you have text written in one app, a new button lets you copy the text to typed text and paste it into another app. The Apple Pencil also recognizes shapes: draw a circle, hold the Pencil briefly on the screen and the iPad makes a perfectly round circle. This works with all kinds of shapes such as rectangles, hearts, stars, clouds and thought balloons.

Did you make a mistake? Then you can scratch it with the Pencil to erase it. You can also circle a word to select it so that you can easily copy or move it.

In the Notes app, Smart Selection makes it easier to select drawings and handwritten texts and so-called ‘data detectors’ recognize addresses, telephone numbers and the like in handwritten text. This does not work in all