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Innr Round Ceiling Lamp: smart ceiling lamps with Zigbee

Innr Round Ceiling Lamp - Innr is expanding its lights range today with the introduction of Round Ceiling Lamp that cost around 65 Euro.

Although Innr recently added a new line-up of smart lighting with WiFi announced the company is still committed to the Zigbee protocol. Innr is expanding this range today with the Innr Round Ceiling Lamp, a ceiling lamp with LED lighting and Zigbee.

Innr Round Ceiling Lamp

The Ceiling Lamp from Innr is a smart version of the ceiling lamp that we have known for years, with a size of 30 centimeters in diameter and 5.2 centimeters in height. This aluminum fixture has a diffuse shade with 24 LEDs. The lamp can be connected to any 230v point and offers a light intensity of 1,200 limen. The light color is 2,700 Kelvin and of course the lamp is dimmable.

Innr Round Ceiling Lamp

The RCL 110, as Innr officially calls the lamp, can be controlled wirelessly via the Innr app, the Philips Hue app or one of the numerous compatible smart home systems. A Zigbee chip is available for this. Note that in all cases a hub is required that Zigbee supports. In addition, there is support for voice control via the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Price and availability

From next month, the Ceiling Lamp from Innr will be avaiable for sale for a price of 64.99 euros.