Inkbird grill thermometer: three grill helpers for the best results

Review: Inkbird grill thermometer. This article reviewed three Inkbird thermometers Inkbird IBBQ-4BW, Inkbird IHT-1S and Inkbird ISC-007BW

Inkbird grill thermometer: At a barbecue evening, you should spend time with friends and not at the grill. Nevertheless, you want to offer your guests good food from the grill and therefore usually have to stand at the grill and keep an eye on the grilled food. With a grill thermometer, you can always keep an eye on the interior of the grill and the temperature of the meat, so you have enough time for your guests. The barbecue thermometers from Inkbird can be used in a wide variety of ways. Suitable for our barbecue gadgets for the summer.

Inkbird WLAN & Bluetooth barbecue thermometer IBBQ-4BW

Barbecue lovers and control freaks will get their money’s worth with the Inkbird IBBQ-4BW barbecue thermometer – those who connect the device via WiFi have full control over the temperature , no matter where they are. In addition to the controller, the scope of delivery includes four different colored temperature sensors, two clamps for attaching the sensors to the grillage and a USB-C charging cable .

The free app ( German language ) can easily be downloaded from the App Store using the QR code on the packaging. The setup via Bluetooth or WLAN works flawlessly. Barbecue thermometers are an absolute helper, especially for long jobs, as these dishes have to be on the grill for at least two hours. It is absolutely helpful to place one of the four sensors in the interior of the grill to keep an eye on the temperature, e.g. for indirect grilling.

  • With Inkbird IBBQ-4BW you can connect the device to the mobile phone via WLAN (only 2.4 GHz WLAN) and Bluetooth at the same time
  • Supports calibration – temperature range for short-term measurements: -30 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃ / -22 ℉ ~ + 572; Temperature range for continuous monitoring: -20 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃ / -4 ℉ ~ + 482 ℉
  • The temperature data is automatically uploaded to the cloud when you connect the device to the mobile phone via a Wi-Fi network
  • The temperature table can be exported
  • Real-time verification can only be used via a Bluetooth connection

Barbecue thermometer with a battery life of around 24 hours

The temperatures of all four sensors were completely recorded in the app, which can be displayed graphically. In the temperature range of 0 ° -250 ° , this even works until the battery is empty after about 24 hours . The Inkbird WLAN & Bluetooth barbecue thermometer IBBQ-4BW has a rechargeable lithium battery that is fully charged within four hours. To attach the controller, the magnet integrated in the housing can be used to attach it to the grill or elsewhere.

The temperature probes can be calibrated, which works best with boiling water. The app is very clear and self-explanatory . If you grill indirectly for several hours, you can’t avoid a grill thermometer and the Inkbird grill thermometer IBBQ-4BW is definitely suitable for this.

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Inkbird IHT-1S penetration thermometer

It is much easier to measure the temperature with the help of a penetration thermometer , with which a temporary quick measurement of the core temperature can be carried out. The Inkbord IHT-1S is one of those penetration thermometers that are necessary for hobby barbecues. It is relatively easy to use: unfold the temperature sensor, insert it and read the temperature on the illuminating, rotating LCD display within 2-3 seconds. The quality and workmanship of the case is very good.

small disadvantage of charging is that a screw has to be loosened in order to charge the battery in order to be able to remove the cover cap. However, since the device switches itself off after three minutes, the 250mAh battery lasts for several months. Another minus point compared to the IBBQ-4BW grill thermometer is that there is no magnet built into the housing to attach the penetration thermometer to the grill when it is not in use.

  • Users can measure the temperature quickly and accurately within 2-3 seconds over a wide temperature range of -50 ° C ~ 300 ° C (-58 ° F ~ 572 ° F) with a maximum deviation of ± 0.5 ° C / ± C measure up
  • In addition, the display can show the temperature with decimal values ​​below 100 ℃
  • With the waterproof IP67 design, it is possible to clean the barbecue thermometer under running water, and it survives even 10 minutes under water without suffering from a defect
  • The meat thermometer is switched on when the probe is opened and switched off when the probe is folded in. It also switches itself off automatically if no operation is performed after three minutes
  • If the thermometer is moved with the probe unfolded, it will start automatically and the light will come on
  • Self-rotating display: You can hold it in any direction and the display automatically rotates upwards so that you can read the temperature in any position

Perfect for the classic grill dishes

The temperature unit can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius relatively quickly . With a puncture hometer it is certainly not possible to record the temperatures over several hours of a roast. The penetration thermometer is definitely sufficient for classic dishes such as steaks, fish, etc. Above all, this is quickly ready for use and quickly cleaned, as it is waterproof due to IP67 and can be cleaned under running water. The penetration thermometer is included with every barbecue, as it is simply very easy to use.

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Inkbird ISC-007BW grill temperature controller

In addition to a classic charcoal or gas grill, grill professionals also have a smoker to grill spare ribs or roasts using indirect grilling . An absolute disadvantage of traditional charcoal grilling is maintaining a constant temperature. The Inkbird ISC-007BW grill temperature controller supports this, which uses a fan to heat the coals according to the temperature. There are a total of three temperature sensors, one of which can be used for the inside temperature of the grill and the other two for the temperature of the food to be grilled.

Practical case for the equipment included in the scope of delivery

The Inkbird ISC-007BW can only be operated via a rotatable button , which takes a lot of getting used to at the beginning. After a little practice, you can swing your way through the individual menus very quickly. If you need to control the grill temperature controller while you are on the go, you can connect it to the WLAN in addition to Bluetooth and have constant access. The supplied case has enough pockets to stow all the equipment after grilling.

The temperature fluctuations in the recordings are due to the heating method. Compared to the classic variant, e.g. with charcoal, gas grills can provide a more constant heating temperature . Nevertheless, the temperature fluctuations in the device remain at around +/- 10 degrees . It is hardly possible to grill more comfortably with charcoal if the temperature is kept constant by a fan.

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