IKEA Home Smart scenes update

New update has been launched for IKEA Home Smart scenes which offers more products in supporting database to facilitate its customers.

Good news for owners of IKEA smart home products: IKEA Home Smart scenes can be realized in the short term. At the time of writing, the furniture giant is rolling out support for these smart home scenarios for the IKEA Home Smart platform. This concerns the firmware update 1.12.31 for the IKEA Tradfri Gateway.

Include products in IKEA Home Smart scenes

With this support it will soon be possible to operate several IKEA Home Smart products at the same time, for example smart lighting from IKEA Tradfri or Symfonisk smart speakers. The different products can be included in IKEA Home Smart scenes; automated smart home scenarios.

For example, you can create a scene where all IKEA Home Smart products are switched off at the touch of a button. Or that the lamps are adjusted to a specific brightness when you plop down on the couch to continue watching your favorite series on Netflix.

After the update of the IKEA Home Smart app, there is a separate section for scenes.

Support for IKEA Shortcut Buttons

In addition to support for creating scenarios, the update also includes support for IKEA Shortcut Buttons: smart switches whereby a specific scene can be activated. In some cases this can work better than, for example, the operation via a voice assistant.

Think of the possibility to mount an IKEA Shortcut Button on your bedside table, to switch off (or activate when you wake up) all IKEA smart home devices in the living room.

At the time of writing, IKEA smart buttons are not yet available. Various sources are able to report that the sales price per button will be around 10 euros.