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Ikea adds scene support for its own smart home platform

Ikea adds scene support for its own smart home platform which will work on radfri lamps, the Symfonisk speakers and the Fyrtur blinds

Ikea adds scene support

Owners of the Ikea Tradfri gateways can configure scenes within the Home Smart app with firmware version 1.12.31 as Ikea adds scene support. With a scene it is possible to operate several smart home devices in the house at the same time. This generally applies to scenes, but now also within the app of the furniture seller. Within the Home Smart app it is now possible to operate the Tradfri lamps, the Symfonisk speakers and the Fyrtur blinds via an automated process.

In addition, the update offers support for the Shortcut Buttons that previously appeared in the news. These are buttons with which you activate such a scene and with which you can control multiple devices at once. The buttons are not officially for sale yet, but should be priced at around ten euros.

When you have updated the Home Smart application, you will receive a new, dedicated section in the app where you can control everything about those scenes. You can find the button at the very top of the app. One scene that Ikea proposes itself is the button with which you switch everything off at once. This switches off all lamps and speakers that are registered within the application, for example. In the future, you can therefore use a physical button for this, as is also possible with Philips Hue, for example. With the physical buttons you switch lights on and off and you can select different scenes.

When you hang such buttons in a convenient place in the house, for example by the front door, everyone can switch the lights on and off. Then they don’t have to bother with apps and voice commands and the Home Smart system is also nice and accessible.

At the beginning of January, the Shortcut Buttons from Ikea appeared in the news, because they were accidentally sold in the Netherlands and Germany, where they had a price tag of 7.99 euros. In Lithuania, the buttons now cost 9.99 euros, but the website indicates they are not currently available.