HEMA smart lighting: control lamps with your iPhone

HEMA smart lighting: control lamps with your iPhone via the special HEMA smart app for iOS and Android and are very affordable,have beautiful deep colors

HEMA smart lighting: control lamps with your iPhone-Smart lighting does not have to be expensive.

Many homes have been made smarter in recent times with smart lighting and thermostats. Making your home smart, however, costs a lot of money and in most cases requires some technical knowledge. However, this does not always have to be the case.

Since this autumn, Hema has been selling HEMA smart lighting and accessories (from € 10.00) that are easy to operate with your iPhone or Android device.

Ready to use without a bridge

For the use of the smart Hema lighting and accessories, no (expensive) bridge is required, such as the Philips HUE lighting uses. All lamps and accessories are directly linked via the WiFi network (2.4Ghz) and can be controlled via the special HEMA smart app for iOS and Android. In addition, there is also support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so that the lamps can be controlled with your voice. Unfortunately, there is (yet) no support for Homekit and the Home app.

HEMA smart lighting

Via the HEMA smart app you can switch the lights on and off, dim the light or adjust the color temperature and color. You can also use automations to automatically switch the accessories on or off.

In addition, you can also operate the smart plug (smart power plug) via the app. With this you can switch on a connected device. If you use a socket, you can even switch multiple devices at once.

The current range of lamps consists of seven smart lamps. The LED lamps are available in different versions such as edison, pear, ball, globes (E27 / E14) and a spotlight (GU10).

Where incandescent lamps last on average between 1 and 2 years, LED lamps can last up to 15 years. The lifespan is often calculated based on 2.5 hours of burning time per day and correct use. LED lamps also consume 80% less power than a traditional incandescent lamp.

Linking lamps to the HEMA smart app

Linking the lamps to the HEMA smart app is fairly easy.

  1. Open the HEMA smart app
  2. Tap add device
  3. Select the list the lamp / device you want to add
  4. Then switch the lamp on / off 3x with the (wall) switch
  5. The lamp will automatically appear in the overview
  6. Enter your WiFi name and password

Can also be used outdoors

After the lamps have been linked to the app, you can also control lighting when you are not at home. The lamps register with a cloud service, so that the lamps can be operated anywhere in the world, provided of course an internet connection is available. Ideal for weekend breaks, holidays or evenings out.

Remote control

Do you also want to be able to operate the lamps and switches without your smartphone ? This is also possible with the special remote control.

With the smart remote control you can easily operate smart lighting and devices. According to HEMA, the remote control has a WiFi range of 25 meters, an on / off button and two buttons to dim the lighting.

The remote control comes with a holder that you can attach to the wall, so you can give the remote control a permanent place in the house.

Our first impression

We have tested the Hema smart lighting and are certainly positive about it. The lamps are very affordable, have beautiful deep colors and the app is equipped with all kinds of extra options such as scenes. You can also use automations for sunrise, sunset, weather, wind speed and temperature.

HEMA smart lighting

The app can be a bit clearer in some places and occasionally untranslated English texts come by. However, this is not bothersome. It also took Philips HUE several years to perfect everything.

Of course, a good WiFi connection is important for this smart lighting, where the operation of the lighting falls and stands.