Hair removal devices: An important criterion of Femininity

Hair removal devices
Hair removal devices: In today's society,hair removal rhymes with femininity. it has become an important criterion of seduction.

Hair removal devices – In today’s society, hair removal rhymes with femininity and seduction. Nowadays, waxing has become an important criterion of seduction.

It is important to choose the method of hair removal in accordance with your skin but also with your state of mind. Indeed, some people prefer to wax with a razor and are not ready to go to waxing. While others swear by waxing.

Hair removal devices

The manual razor as well as the depilatory cream are no longer a big secret and have established themselves on the fast hair removal market. Nowadays, in order to satisfy anyone looking for the perfect hair removal, several devices have appeared and are competing for this market.

Hair removal devices: Electric razors

Ideal for people who are not yet ready to “pull out their hair” and prefer to cut it. Also ideal for people in a hurry or who want to do some touch-ups between two waxing sessions. Hair removal with the razor is painless, however hair regrowth is rapid. Indeed the hair is cut on the surface of the skin making it thicker as the cuts.
What differentiates the electric razor from a manual razor is its use. There is no need to use shaving cream. The risk of cuts is lower. Some models are rechargeable.

Hair removal devices

Hair removal devices: Electric Epilators

Ideal for people who want slower hair regrowth and also avoid almost daily hair removal. The electric epilator makes it possible to pull out the hair, certain models also allow it to be cut by offering a second adaptable “razor” head.
There are special heads for sensitive “armpit and bikini area” areas thus reducing pain.
But also trimmers for the bikini.
Or a head for the peel to remove dead cells.
Some models are equipped with different systems and / or functions:

  • Pain relief system: Pulsed air is diffused directly on the area to be depilated.
  • Vision function: Allows to illuminate the area to be depilated.
  • “Wet & Dry” function: Allows hair removal in the shower or in the bath

Tip : To make hair removal effective, you just need to take a hot bath or shower to open the pores and use the epilator against the grain. The “Wet and Dry” option will wax you even in your bath

Electric wax devices

Inspired by professional devices, the electric wax device is more and more popular.
Waxing may seem the most painful, but it remains the most effective. The hair bulb is torn off, so hair regrowth is longer and even longer with hot wax than with cold wax.
Instructions for use : Melt the wax balls in the device. 
Apply the wax on the part to be depilated. Leave to harden for the peelable wax and remove with a sharp blow against the grain by stretching the skin with the other hand. For non-peelable wax, once the wax has been placed. Apply the tape. Stretch the skin and remove the strip with a sharp blow.
There is a wax from the Middle East made from sugar, water and lemon that pulls out the hair and erases at the same time while making hair removal less painful than conventional waxing.
Tip : Hot waxing should be avoided for people with circulatory problems, but also for people with skin concerns such as eczema. 

Hair removal devices

Semi-permanent hair removal devices

Since the Zero Hair War has been declared for a few years, devices inspired by those of dermatologists and beauticians can even achieve semi-permanent hair removal thanks to epilators with intense pulsed light. 
They allow to permanently destroy the hair at the root. Less powerful and less effective than those found in dermatology and aesthetic practices, they nevertheless allow you to have soft skin and to be peaceful for a good dozen weeks on average depending on the skin type.