Google routines for sunset

Google routines for sunset - Now instead of exact times, Google can organize on the bases of sunset. So you can Ask Google to start routine at sunset.

Tell Google to automatically turn on your smart lights when it gets dark? That will probably be possible soon: the American tech giant is testing among a few users to schedule Google Assistant routines via voice commands at sunrise or sunset.

Ask Google to start routine at sunset

Earlier we added already posted about the possibility to Schedule Google Home commands. In addition to this, Google may come up with another new update for Google Assistant: asking to perform a routine when the sun goes down or rises.

For example, you can ask for smart lighting turn on at sunset. You could also ask to repeat this process for a number of days.

Setting Google Home routines for times was already possible

It was already possible to activate Google Home routines at sunset or sunrise, but could not yet be done via commands with the voice assistant.

As a user, you had to take into account times when it became light or dark. It was therefore inevitable to constantly update the times. By being able to say it now to, for example, a Google Nest smart speaker or Nest Hub smart display, this is much more accurate.