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Google Home: kitchen assistant - This article defines the using Google Assistant, Google voice assistant with smart home devices in kitchen.

Google Home: kitchen assistant: No, in this article for cooking with Google Home we will not come up with tasty dishes that include smart speakers, but we are referring to the possibilities of Google Home as a kitchen helper. As you know, you can ask Google Assistant, the voice assistant from Google, or operate smart home devices.

In the kitchen you can, for example, ask to set an alarm clock or to get step-by-step information for cooking specific dishes. Let’s list all the possibilities for cooking with Google Home.

Google Home: kitchen assistant for cooking

Let’s start with the various kitchen tools you will discover under the hood of Google Home: kitchen assistant. For example, you can ask Google Assistant to set a timer. In fact: you can set several, which is a no-go with a classic kitchen timer.

Convert timers, units and product information

There are three interesting tools that can come in handy in the kitchen. We explain them.

  • Set timer: you can set (multiple) timers via Google Assistant. You can simply ask for an alarm to go off at a specific time, but also say that a timer must be switched on for 5 minutes.
  • Converting units: do you want to convert units? Then you can also do that via Google Assistant. For example, ask how many liters a gallon is.
  • Questions about ingredients: are you curious whether there is gluten in a specific product? You can often request this and other ingredient information via a Google Home device.
  • To request calories: on a diet or are you just curious about how many calories there are in a dish? Then you can also enable Google Home for this.

Setting a timer could possibly become a bit more fun on a in the future Google Nest Hub, it smart display from Google. On we wrote about the news that timers via a Google Nest Hub potentially enjoyable effects.

Step-by-step plan for cooking on Google Nest Hub

You can have a smart display, which is no more than one smart speaker with a display, can actually be used as a kitchen assistant. You can get a complete step-by-step plan of dishes and you can be helped step by step in making a tasty meal.

And don’t think that you have to keep a notepad at hand to write everything as quickly as possible: you can listen step by step how something should be made. You can say ‘Hey Google, next step’ to continue cooking with Google Home.

Videos for cooking specific dishes

When you install the Google Nest Hub, you get a tour of the possibilities. If you have read this, you are probably already familiar with the possibility to get an answer in the form of a YouTube video when asking for information.

For example, you can ask how best to cut a pineapple into pieces, after which you will be shown a video how to do this. This is of course much more instructive to see than to read or hear.

We see the video below from Allerhande via the smart display if we ask for it (we have noticed that the videos may differ).

Ask for inspiration for cooking via Google Home

You can also ask Google Home for inspiration for dishes. For example, you can ask for popular recipes or simply tell you what you want to make. We list some possible voice commands:

  • Hey Google, find a recipe for pasta
  • Hey Google, find a recipe for mashed potatoes
  • Hey Google, I want to make a pizza
  • Hey Google, I want to make a cake

Did you know that we previously had a complete list of all Dutch Google Home commands in a row. Handy for many more options within your smart home.

Maintain recipe book via Google Home: kitchen assistant

What many do not know is that you can save your favorite dishes via Google Assistant. Yes, you can compile your own recipe book and save your favorite food. You can say during a cooking step-by-step plan: ‘Hey Google, save this recipe’ or ‘Hey Google add this recipe to my cookbook’. Then the dish is added, after which you can cook it more often.

You can always view saved recipes and step-by-step plans by asking to view your cookbook by saying: ‘Hey Google, show my cookbook’.

Entertainment for cooking via Google Home: kitchen assistant

Of course cooking is much more fun with some music in the background. You can ask Google Assistant to play music through Spotify. Watch a music video in the background? Then you can of course also play a YouTube video with a Google Nest Hub.

Do more with a Google Nest Hub?

Cooking with Google Home is just one of the many possibilities with a Google Nest Hub. That’s how we wrote how to use the Google Nest Hub as a smart alarm clock can use and that Watch Netflix on Google Nest Hub is now possible.