Google Home app may limit operation smarthome

Google Home app may limit operation smart home . It is feared by bloggers and experts that policies are going to change sooner or later

Right now, the Google Home app has an all-or-nothing approach. Either everyone can arrange everything in your house or nobody can do anything. It does not matter which member of the family you are. But that may change in the future, he writes Android Police based on small, implemented tweaks.

Google Home app: levels for family members

When you go to the settings of the app and press Household, you will see a list of everyone who is part of the family. Also here is the option to invite someone. When you tap on a profile, for example your own, you will see something new. There are two headings there, called Access data and Devices.

At the moment, it’s still an all-or-nothing approach. So now under heading one is Administrator and under heading two All devices. When you tap one of the two options, you will be presented with an explanation of what the level entails. You will also see a list of smart home devices in your own home under the heading Devices.

Implementing such changes just like that makes little sense, so chances are that Google presents more options soon. We will probably be given the opportunity to assign different roles to different members of the family. You may also be able to limit which devices can and cannot be controlled. For the time being, however, things will remain as they are and we will have to wait until Google brings out news about it.