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Google Assistant voice notifications now available on headphones

Google has announced that from now on users can receive Google Assistant voice notifications via their headphones as well.

Image for illustration © Pixabay

From now on, Google Assistant voice notifications now available on headphones as well. Do you connect your headphones to your smartphone? Then you may soon be able to receive spoken Google Assistant notifications via your headphones. It concerns all wired headphones that are connected to Android smartphones with the latest version of the Google Assistant application.

Google Assistant voice notifications on headphones

It would be a support for voice notifications from Google Assistant: notifications that are spoken by the Google voice assistant, so that you have to open your smartphone.

This can be very useful during a run or other situations where you prefer to keep your smartphone in your pocket. Google confirms this new support to a news website, among other things 9to5Google.

Set up voice prompts on headphones

To set up the spoken Google Assistant notifications tightly, you just need to plug your headphones into your smartphone. Google will then come up with the message ‘Talk to your Assistant on headphones’, after which you can grant the tech giant permission to pass on voice commands through your headphones.

According to 9to5 Google, you would have to press the action button on your headphones, after which the authorization can be given via your smartphone. After that, you can indicate which things may be communicated with you: think of appointments in your agenda, for example.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the voice assistant which can often be found under the hood of Google Nest equipment. Think of a smart speaker or smart display. This virtual speech assistant can be enabled to operate smart home devices with speech, but can also be consulted when requesting specific information.

For example, if you ask ‘Hey Google, what is a voice assistant?’, You will get more information about these virtual voice assistants.