GlobaLink Lighting products – outdoor, camping & office

Review: GlobaLink Lighting products. This article highlight GLobaLink Screenbar, Foldable camping lantern and GlobaLink G40 fairy lights.

The GlobaLink brand on Amazon deals with smartphone accessories, products for home living and lighting of many kinds. In this article we would like to introduce you to three products from the last category – more precisely, it is about lighting for outdoor, camping and the office. In addition to the most important information about the products, we would also like to share our experiences with you.

GlobaLink Lighting products- Outdoor and indoor fairy lights for a great atmosphere

The  GlobaLink G40 fairy lights , we would like to introduce you first. Of course, it is not only suitable for outdoor but also for indoor use. Exactly where you would like to use them. The actual use of the chain is mainly decorative, but it also provides a pleasant light in the dark. Thanks to the individual clamps on each light bulb , they can be attached flexibly – also in branches, on fences or curtains. You get inventive and in any case find a suitable place for the GlobaLink light chain.

The GlobaLink light chain is delivered in a well-secured box. There is a small recess for each pear ( with real glass ) – so everything is safely packed. There are a total of 30 pears on the approximately 12 meter (exactly 11.7m) long chain. The feel is high quality and the chain is generally well made. The whole thing is weatherproof with the IP65 standard, therefore also perfect for outdoor use.

Quickly exchanged in the event of a defect – well resolved

Each glass ball has about 5 LEDs built into it; A real eye-catcher when active. The ambience is really cozy at dusk and at night and is especially fun in summer. We tested in spring. Due to the standardized E12 thread , other bulbs can also be used. There are even three spare bulbs available and can be exchanged super quickly if a lamp should give up the ghost. Even if a bulb is defective, all other lamps will continue to light. The light chain always worked well in our test. If you want to save 15%, use the discount code ” 4QI2D95U “.

Foldable camping lantern from GlobaLink – perfect for the summer

Anyone who likes to be out and about with the camper or generally a lot outside could find the camping lamp from GlobaLink to like. In fact, it is even foldable and therefore takes up very little space if, for example, you want to pack it in your backpack. A real camping gadget .

The lamp is delivered in a small package. Instead of Micro-USB, we would have preferred USB-C. A multifunctional bracelet is also included ; maybe a nice extra for adventurers – even an integrated whistle is on board. The lamp itself has a button that can be used to control it. Three modes with different levels of brightness and an SOS mode . The light duration is about 6-8 hours, depending on which level you have switched on.

Lamp with solar stands on a bench

Integrated solar panel for self-sufficient use

We find the small solar panel on the top positive , which ensures that the 800 mah battery is recharged using solar energy. So you don’t necessarily have to connect the LED lamp to the electricity. It is really easy to use when camping and the lamp cuts a fine figure. The light is bright white , so not a cozy yellowish light, as you know it from the campfire in the evening. Here everyone has to decide for themselves what they want for their adventure. A very fair offer at a price of 16.99 euros. You get a 15% discount with the code ” 5BIXW6S4 “.

Camping lamp in nature at night

GlobaLink Lighting products – GLobaLink Screenbar – practical monitor lamp directly on the binding screen

ScreenLinear lamp lies on a table with accessories

Now we would like to address the third product in the group. This is how it goes into the office and into working life, because here it is often worthwhile to invest in good lighting. The GlobaLink Screenbar could be of interest to anyone who sits at the computer a lot and spends time in front of the screen . Because anyone who has read us for a long time knows that office gadgets can really make work easier.

The workmanship of the screen lamp is solid, mainly plastic was used and installed. A user manual and a USB-C cable are also included in the scope of delivery. A holder is also on board to be able to place the lamp on the screen. Handling is easy and quick. The power cable is plugged in and the screen bar is ready for use . There are even adapter pieces available for thin display edges. GlobaLink thus ensures that the monitor lamp can be placed on almost any monitor.

GlobaLink ScreenLinear desktop lamp next to a plant on a table

Doesn’t dazzle when working – great light cone

The lamp can then be swiveled forwards so that the light from the LEDs can be directed towards the keyboard or in your own direction. Touch buttons are built in to adjust the light settings. There is also an automatic mode that detects the ambient light. By adjusting the light temperature, a pleasant light is available for every time of day. The fact that touch buttons were installed so that the light can be adjusted with light pressure . This means that you do not accidentally move the monitor lamp on the edge of the screen.

The light is pleasantly bright and you can work productively . We have had good experiences with the bar and were able to work productively. The light cone is really good because only the keyboard is illuminated. No dazzling in the eyes , really a practical product for computer work. For 34.99 euros again a really fair price and not too expensive when you consider what other desk lamps cost. There is a 10% discount with the code ” J3Y9D8SW “.